There are 3 translations of last in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /læst; lɑːst/


  • 1 1.1 (in series) [chapter/lap] último the second to last door, the last door but one la penúltima puerta the last Thursday of every month el último jueves de cada mes this is the last time I'm going to tell you! ¡es la última vez que te lo digo! for the last time: stop talking! por última vez: ¡cállate! I do it last thing at night es lo último que hago antes de acostarme her first and last performance su primera y última actuación to be last (in race, on arrival) ser* el último (en llegar), llegar* el último or (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) llegar* último she is last on the list es la última de la lista to be last to + infinitive/infinitivo ser* el último en + infinitive/infinitivo why am I always the last person to be told? ¿por qué tengo que ser siempre la última en enterarme? I was the last one to leave fui el último en salir last one in is a rotten egg! ¡el último (en tirarse etc) es un gallina! [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • This was happening in the bus shelter and the nearby road of my bus stop, the last bus stop on the route.
    1.2 (final, ultimate) [chance/day] último the last date for applications el último día or la fecha tope para presentar las solicitudes don't leave everything to the last minute no dejes todo para el último momento at the very last minute o moment en el último momento, a última hora his last words sus últimas palabras the last rites o sacraments la extremaunción the last thing in evening wear lo último en trajes de noche
    More example sentences
    • After the last supper on the final night, the team set off from the camp at midnight.
    • Sure enough, when we arrived at the bus station it turned out that the last bus had already left.
    • Ironically, the teams are due to met again just six days after the final for the last league match of the season.
    1.3 (only remaining) último I'm down to my last few dollars solo me quedan unos pocos dólares she's our last hope es nuestra última esperanza down to the last detail hasta el último detalle every last man/penny counts cuenta hasta el último hombre/centavo to the last man hasta el último hombre
    More example sentences
    • For a long period, Broadland was the last remaining major stronghold in the country.
    • With scores level and one over remaining, the last pair were at the wicket.
    • The batter was dry and crisp and remained so until the last scrap was eaten.
  • 2 (previous, most recent) (before noun/delante del nombre) last Tuesday el martes pasado she died a year ago last Sunday el domingo pasado hizo un año que murió this time last week la semana pasada a estas horas for the last 10 hours/years durante las últimas diez horas/los últimos diez años in my last letter en mi última carta last time I flew, I was sick la última vez que volé, me mareé
    More example sentences
    • The RMT has already had six days of strikes, the most recent of them last Friday and Saturday.
    • This is what appears to have happened with the most recent Games, staged last year in Athens.
    • They are not the result of lack of care this year, last year or indeed recent years.
    More example sentences
    • We tried and failed but, if we leave anything, judge us by that last album.
    • He warns the technicians on the other side of the studio glass that he won't do anything from the last album.
    • Her last album, All I Have went gold back in 2002, and this new one is said to be even better.
  • 3 (least likely or suitable) that was the last thing I expected to hear from you es lo que menos me esperaba que me dijeras it's the last thing I'd do! ¡no se me ocurriría hacer eso! laugh 1 1 leg 1 1


  • 1 1.1 (at the end) I went in/arrived last fui el último en entrar/llegar or que entró/llegó, entré/llegué el último, entré/llegué último (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) our team came o finished last nuestro equipo quedó en último lugar or (in Southern Cone also/en Cono Sur también) terminó último 1.2 (finally, in conclusion) last of all por último, lo último (de todo) and last but not least y por último, pero no por eso menos importante 1.3 (in phrases/en locuciones) at last por fin, al fin you're here at last! ¡por fin or al fin has llegado! alone at last! ¡por fin or al fin solos! at long last por fin, finalmente
  • 2 (most recently) she was last seen a year ago hace un año que se la vio por última vez, la última vez que se la vio fue hace un año when did you last see him o see him last? ¿cuándo fue la última vez que lo viste? we last visited London in 1980 la última vez que visitamos Londres fue en 1980 laugh 2


  • 1 1.1 (in series, sequence) último, (masculine, feminine) it's not the first time and it won't be the last no es la primera vez ni será la última the last to + infinitive/infinitivo el último en + infinitive/infinitivo he was the last to arrive fue el último en llegar the last I remember lo último que recuerdo that was the last I ever heard of her eso fue lo último que supe de ella we haven't heard the last of him/it nos va a seguir dando guerra, ya verás you haven't heard the last of this! ¡esto no va a quedar así! if I lose, I'll never hear the last of it si pierdo, siempre me lo van a estar recordando to breathe one's last [literary/literario] exhalar el último suspiro or el postrer suspiro or aliento [literary/literario] 1.2 (only remaining)the last of sth the last of the Hollywood greats/its kind el último de los grandes de Hollywood/de su clase that's the last of the jam esa es toda la mermelada que queda I've used up the last of my leave ya me he tomado or (especially Spain/especialmente España) ya he cogido los últimos días de vacaciones que me quedaban 1.3 (in phrases/en locuciones) [literary/literario] at the last al final I was with him at the last lo acompañé en sus últimas horas to o until the last hasta el último momento, hasta el final
  • 2 (preceding one) I went the week before last fui la semana antepasada the night before last antes de anoche, anteanoche, antenoche (Latin America/América Latina) at the meeting before last en la penúltima reunión a string of jokes, each funnier than the last una serie de chistes, cada cuál más divertido each hill seemed steeper than the last cada colina parecía más empinada que la anterior but this/these last … pero este último/estos últimos …

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There are 3 translations of last in Spanish:


intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 (continue) durar I hope this weather/our luck lasts espero que este tiempo dure/que nos dure la suerte it lasted (for) three hours duró tres horas it was fun while it lasted fue divertido mientras duró this weather is too good to last este tiempo es tan bueno que no puede durar
    More example sentences
    • I seem to remember that I managed to last out, but by the end I felt distinctly nauseous.
    • Well, the greatest reward in World War II was survival, if you lasted through it.
    • I went to a party last night but only lasted about an hour and a half before I felt too inexplicably grumpy to stay any longer and left.
    1.2 (endure, survive) durar he wouldn't last five minutes in the army no aguantaría or no duraría ni cinco minutos en el ejército
  • 2 (be sufficient) durar there is enough to last until Friday hay suficiente para que dure or alcance hasta el viernes the cake won't last long with him around estando él, el pastel no va a durar mucho to make sth last hacer* durar algo
  • 3 (remain usable) durar it's built o made to last está hecho para durar it will last (for) a lifetime durará toda la vida plastic ones last longer los de plástico duran más or son más duraderos
    More example sentences
    • Consider how long a cell-phone battery lasts in a benign environment.
    • We have a cell phone, but it tends to reside in a drawer in the kitchen, not in her purse, as the battery only lasts about 5 hours, even if you don't use it.
    • Its battery lasts 12 hours (as opposed to eight), and is easily changed for a new one when the first runs out.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • durar we have enough fuel to last us for months/until March el combustible que tenemos nos durará meses/hasta marzo
    More example sentences
    • Iraq is thought to have sufficient food stocks to last only until the end of April.
    • The rule of thumb is that if a store has lasted over 30 years in this fickle climate then, clearly, the owners are experts deserving of your custom.
    • Buy now while stocks last because property prices in Bradford are set to soar over the next decade.

Phrasal verbs

last out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
(survive, endure) [person] aguantar, resistir he is unlikely to last out the night no creo que pase de esta noche 1.1 (be sufficient) [supplies/food] alcanzar*

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