There are 2 translations of launch in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /lɔːntʃ/


  • 1 1.1 [Naut] [new vessel] botar; [lifeboat] echar al agua the ship was launched by the princess la princesa fue la madrina en la botadura del buque
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    • I would like to know then if I would be allowed to launch my boat in the harbour and leave my car there for safe keeping as I had to buy my licence for my boat at Portnet.
    • Road ends do not have boat ramps, nor is there sufficient water to launch a boat from a trailer at most road ends.
    • The borough council wants to build the slipway on the Hangings to allow the fire and rescue service to launch its boat into the Avon as near as possible to the junction with the Severn.
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    • The Minister for the Marine will visit the club early next month to officially launch the boat.
    • The celebrity and fundraiser took time out to officially launch a new boat for disabled people at the Sailing Club at the weekend.
    • Where the banks of the Clyde once teemed with forests of shipbuilding cranes, launching huge vessels into the river every week, only ghosts remain of this once world-beating industry.
    1.2 [Aerosp] [Mil] [satellite/missile] lanzar*
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    • Two months later, although not missile related but even more explosive, the Soviets launched the Sputnik I satellite.
    • That approach would require much more than sending bombers and launching missiles against terrorists already discovered and recorded.
    • They have six weapons tubes, used for launching both torpedoes and missiles, and can dive to depths greater than 300 metres.
    1.3 (throw) lanzar*
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    • But Pujols kept his head down, fully extended his arms and went with the pitch, launching it over the center field wall.
    • Then he takes one giant stride down the pitch and launches the final ball of the over for six over mid-on.
    • In an instant, both guns were firing away, launching a volley of shells at the remaining enemy Genos.
  • 2 2.1 (introduce) [product/service] lanzar*; [securities] emitir; [play/book] lanzar* 2.2 (initiate) [campaign/idea] lanzar*; [company] fundar; [attack] emprender, lanzar* her speech launched a public debate su discurso desencadenó or suscitó un debate público
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    • Earlier this year, the Minster authorities launched the Development Campaign.
    • After the poll tax was defeated in 1991 Scottish Militant Labour was launched as an open political party.
    • Congratulations are due to the Scottish business leaders who had the vision and enterprise to launch this project.
    2.3 (give a start to) lanzar* he launched her on her film career la lanzó en su carrera cinematográfica once he's launched on that topic, there's no stopping him cuando empieza a hablar de ese tema, no hay quien lo pare
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    • A few exhibitors chose to launch their new products at the show.
    • New products will also be launched at these exhibitions.
    • One of the largest companies in the world will be launching a new product in Zambia tomorrow.

Phrasal verbs

launch into

v + prep + o to launch into a tirade against sth ponerse* a despotricar contra algo, arremeter contra algo she launched into a lengthy account of her adventures se puso a contar sus aventuras con lujo de detalles she launched into an abstruse analysis of … se embarcó en or emprendió un abstruso análisis de … 1.1v + o + prep + o (involve oneself) to launch oneself into a task/one's work entregarse* a una tarea/al trabajo

launch out

v + adv
lanzarse* she decided to launch out on her own decidió lanzarse por su cuenta

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There are 2 translations of launch in Spanish:



  • 1 [Naut] 1.1 (motorboat) lancha (f) (a motor), motora (f)
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    • He returned the salute as the warship gathered speed, picked up her guard of Police escort launches and headed for the open sea.
    • You can tie up your own tender at the dinghy docks or go ashore in one of the harbor launches.
    • Motor-driven launches, powerboats, pedal boats and rowboats are in great demand in the tourist spots of Veli-Akkulam.
    1.2 (on warship) lancha (f)
  • 2 2.1 (of new vessel) botadura (f); (of lifeboat) lanzamiento (m) (al agua) 2.2 (of rocket, missile) lanzamiento (m) (before n) launch site lugar (m) or emplazamiento (m) de lanzamiento launch vehicle plataforma (f) lanzamisiles
  • 3 (of product, project, campaign) lanzamiento (m); (of shares, stocks) emisión (f); (of company) fundación (f); (before n) [date/party] de lanzamiento
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    • The launch of flights between Singapore and Jakarta, which has been stalled since May amid air traffic wrangles, is now scheduled for the end of this month.
    • This followed the launch of these flights in March.
    • We could have sworn that the downloading of music took off with the launch of Napster.
    More example sentences
    • It comes through compèring public functions, product launches, dealer meets and by anchoring programmes in television channels.
    • The on-site events team will ensure that conferences, meetings, product launches and exhibitions run smoothly.
    • Running until Sunday, the festival has a diverse programme of events including lectures, book launches, workshops, debates, symposia, film and art.

Definition of launch in: