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Pronunciation: /lɔː/


  • 1 1.1 c (rule, regulation) ley (f) to pass a law aprobar* una ley navigation laws leyes de navegación, legislación (f) naviera there ought to be a law against it! ¡debería estar prohibido por ley! he's/she's a law unto himself/herself hace lo que le da la gana his bookkeeping is a law unto itself su sistema de contabilidad lo entiende solo él 1.2 u (collectively) the law la ley to break the law violar or contravenir* or infringir* la ley to enforce the law imponer* or hacer* respetar la ley it is against the law to take them out of the country es ilegal or está prohibido por (la) ley sacarlos del país to stay within the law actuar* dentro de la ley to operate within/outside the law operar dentro/fuera de la ley no one is above the law nadie está por encima de la ley in accordance with the law en conformidad con la ley, de acuerdo a or con la ley permitted by law permitido por la ley required by law exigido por (la) ley, obligatorio under French law según la ley or la legislación francesa these proposals became law in 1987 estas propuestas se hicieron ley en 1987 his word is law in this house en esta casa su palabra es ley to lay down the law dar* órdenes she's already laying down the law ya está dando órdenes to take the law into one's own hands tomarse la justicia por su ( or mi etc) propia mano 1.3 u (as field, discipline) derecho (m); (profession) abogacía (f) to study law estudiar derecho or abogacía to practice law ejercer* la abogacía private/international law derecho privado/internacional to enter the law (BrE) hacerse* abogado (before n) law office (AmE) bufete (m), despacho (m) de abogados law school facultad (f) de Derecho law student estudiante (mf) de derecho
    More example sentences
    • They are not criminologists or law professors who are studying theoretical issues.
    • It is important for students of law to situate the legal doctrine of the EU in its historical and political context.
    • Criminal law is a subject of great complexity which students find both fascinating and frustrating.
  • 2 u 2.1 (litigation) to go to law (BrE) recurrir a los tribunales or a la justicia to take a case to law (BrE) llevar un caso ante los tribunales a court of law un tribunal de justicia an officer of the law [formal] un agente de la ley (before n) the law reports la jurisprudencia 2.2 (police) the law [colloquial/familiar] la policía I'll have the law on you! [colloquial/familiar] ¡voy a llamar a la policía! she's been in trouble with the law before ya ha tenido problemas con la autoridad or con la ley
    More example sentences
    • Adequate fencing of pools will be achieved only if fencing is both required by law and regulations are enforced.
    • This may be enforced by law, with a clause in the legislation to set up regulation of care providers.
    • We will make a change to see that justice is served and no more lives will be stolen by law enforcement.
    More example sentences
    • It doesn't take long before he's in trouble with the law but the police are prepared to do a deal with him.
    • In a previous run-in with the law, police had gunned down Edward several years ago.
  • 3 c u (code of conduct) laws of etiquette normas (fpl) or reglas (fpl) de etiqueta the laws of rugby el reglamento del rugby Mosaic/Koranic law [Relig] la ley de Moisés or mosaica/del Corán
    More example sentences
    • Before long the sports law will be amended to bring about fair play and equality in the voting system.
    • Foul language is a problem for the law makers in every sport.
    • Now out of form strikers and captains who cynically exploit the laws of the game are immune from being dropped.
  • 4 c (scientific principle) ley (f) the laws of nature las leyes de la naturaleza the law of gravity la ley de la gravedad Gresham's law la ley de Gresham the law of diminishing laws la ley de los rendimientos decrecientes

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