There are 2 translations of layer in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈleɪər; ˈleɪə(r)/


  • 1 (of dust, paint, snow) capa (f); (of rock, sediment) capa (f), estrato (m) her hair was cut in layers llevaba el pelo cortado en or (Esp) a capas or (RPl) rebajado the novel has several layers of meaning la novela tiene varias lecturas or interpretaciones (before n) layer cake pastel (m) relleno
    More example sentences
    • Like your eyelashes, so blond they were only noticeable when you blinked and the top row met the bottom in a layer of double thickness.
    • Depending on various factors, you might need to place a layer of base material on top of the subgrade.
    • Once the desired quantity of trees had been installed, a layer of geotextile material was deposited on top to keep contaminants out of the stream.
  • 2 2.1 (hen) (gallina (f)) ponedora (f) 2.2 [Hort] acodo (m)
    More example sentences
    • The actor is a former asphalt layer who is renowned in television circles for his singing voice.

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There are 2 translations of layer in Spanish:



  • 1 (arrange in layers) I had my hair layered me corté el pelo en or (Esp) a capas, me rebajé el pelo (RPl) layer the pasta and the sauce in a dish ponga la pasta y la salsa en capas en una fuente
    More example sentences
    • Ashlee's hair is layered to just below her shoulders.
    • Find and inspect some pictures of people with curly, layered hair.
    • Her hair was perfectly layered and moved beautifully around her throughout the episode!
  • 2 [Hort] acodar
    More example sentences
    • Rather than buying more plants, Eva propagates her own by layering.
    • To propagate, follow the same procedure as with red currants - take cuttings in late fall or early spring, or propagate by layering.
    • It is also propagated by layering, divisions and by seed which it sets in profusion.

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