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Pronunciation: /liːg/


  • 1 (alliance, association) liga (f), asociación (f), federación (f) the League of Nations [Hist] la Sociedad de Naciones to be in league (with sb) estar* aliado or confabulado (con algn) the whole world was in league against me todo el mundo se había aliado or confabulado contra mí or en mi contra
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    • When the Constitution was submitted to referendum, short-lived federation leagues were formed in many centres to campaign for a ‘yes’ vote.
    • The league has taken the government to court over the fact that children were not being protected from bullying, assault and self-harm.
    • Finally, the league inaugurated the idea of collective economic sanctions.
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    • This is about the integrity of a league and an agreement: A deal is a deal.
  • 2 2.1 [Sport] liga (f) our team is seventh in the league nuestro equipo va séptimo en la clasificación or en la liga (before n) [champion/game] de liga league standing (AmE) posición (f) en la liga 2.2 (level, category) the company wants to stay in the big leagues la empresa quiere mantenerse en primera división or (Méx) en las ligas mayores not to be in the same league as sb/sth no estar* a la misma altura or al mismo nivel que algn/ algo they're in a different league no tienen ni punto de comparación to be out of one's league sorry, I'm out of my league perdón, pero esto es demasiado difícil para mí small-time criminals out of their league ladronzuelos (mpl) que se meten a hacer fechorías demasiado complicadas
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    • The cloud is kicked up from so many teams scrambling for the league championship.
    • Players in the Premiership are playing in that league for a reason and that goes for players in Divisions One, Two and Three.
    • It made sense, of course, since the hockey league he played for was beginning their Christmas break.
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    • At this moment it is easier to win the league than the Champions League or even the FA Cup.
    • Fair enough, they've had a couple of good results, but winning the Champions league?
    • Twice they won the league and twice lost in the play-offs that guaranteed promotion.
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    • Fourteen men a side is not rugby union, nor league, and certainly not cricket, and the sooner they learn that the better for the dignity of the game and future tourists.
    • Robinson's success has sparked a rash of worthy articles in the Australian press, all dealing with the supposed impact of league upon British rugby union.
    • There are several sports which involve spinal risk, including horse riding and football, especially rugby union and league.

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