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lean 1

American English: /lin/
British English: /liːn/

intransitive verb past tense & past participle leaned or (British also) leantPronunciation: /lent/

  • 1 (bend, incline) the tower leans to the left
    la torre está inclinada hacia la izquierda
    she leaned back in her chair
    se echó hacia atrás or se reclinó en la silla
    to lean forward
    inclinarse hacia adelante
    don't lean out of the window
    no te asomes por la ventana
    backward 2 1
  • 2 (support oneself)
    to lean against something
    apoyarse contra algo
    he was leaning (up) against a wall
    estaba apoyado or se apoyaba contra la pared
    she leaned with her full weight against the door
    se echó sobre la puerta con todo su peso
    to lean on something/somebody
    apoyarse en algo/alguien
    she leaned on the desk
    se apoyó en el escritorio
    Example sentences
    • He leans his elbow on the desk and rests his forehead in his hand, sighing.
    • ‘I think I've gotten too much information tonight,’ he groaned, leaning his elbows on his knees and resting his chin in one hand.
    • She leaned her elbows on the windowsill, resting her chin in her hands.
  • 3 (tend, incline)to lean to/toward somethingthe party leans to the left
    el partido es de tendencia izquierdista
    they appear to be leaning toward a more conciliatory approach
    parecería que se inclinan por un enfoque más conciliador
    Example sentences
    • He leaned forward and pointed to a list of five names on the second page in the folder.
    • She leaned forward onto her elbows and buried her face in her arms, weeping bitterly.
    • Carolyn leaned forward in her plush seat as the large house came into the view at the end of the long drive.

transitive verb past tense & past participle leaned or (British also) leantPronunciation: /lent/

  • to lean something against something/somebody
    apoyar algo contra algo/alguien
    she leaned her back against the wall
    apoyó la espalda or se apoyó contra la pared


Phrasal verbs

lean across

1verb + adverb
inclinarse (hacia adelante)
2verb + preposition + object
inclinarse sobre

lean down

verb + adverb

lean over

1verb + adverb
inclinarse (hacia adelante)
2verb + object + adverb

lean on

verb + preposition + object [colloquial]
1 (put pressure on)
ejercer presión sobre
to lean on somebody to + infinitive
presionar a alguien para que + subjunctive
they leant on him to withdraw his statement
lo presionaron para que se retractara de su declaración
2 (depend on)
apoyarse en
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There are 2 entries that translate lean into Spanish:

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lean 2

American English: /lin/
British English: /liːn/


  • 1
    lean mixture (of fuel and air)
    mezcla (feminine) con una alta proporción de aire
    a leaner, more efficient company
    una compañía más eficiente con menos personal
    a lean prose style
    una prosa escueta
    Example sentences
    • He was more lean than muscular, though not out of shape.
    • I would like to start with the popular story of the fat dog and the lean wolf, which was in circulation during my student days in Sambalpur in Orissa in the late 1970s.
    • He was lean and wiry, but muscled, and there was strength in him.
  • 2
    sin grasa
    Example sentences
    • The lean meat was cut in slivers, arranged on crisp falafel cake, and crowned with a spoonful of tangy green-pepper relish.
    • For low-fat meats, choose lean cuts of meat and trim away as much visible fat as possible…
    • Look for lean cuts of these meats with minimal visible fat.
  • 3 (poor)
    the lean years that followed the war
    los años de escasez or de vacas flacas que siguieron a la guerra
    Example sentences
    • If you can survive it through the lean years, then you'll be OK later.
    • Throughout the lean years of the depression, Smith was never out of work.
    • I think it is important for you to share with children how things were in the lean years of your family.


  • uncountable (meat)
    Example sentences
    • Traditionally, meat with yellow fat and dark lean has been deemed a lesser quality product at the retail level.
    • Max Conrad used lean of peak to set distance records in his Comanche in the 1960s when he flew over 7,600 miles nonstop.
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