There are 3 translations of least in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /liːst/


  • 1 (superl oflittle1 2) she has the least money es quien menos dinero tiene
  • 2 2.1 (smallest, slightest) más mínimo the least little thing would upset him se disgustaba por la más mínima cosa or por lo más mínimo I haven't the least idea where she is no tengo ni la más mínima idea de dónde está without the least difficulty sin la menor dificultad I'm not the least bit interested no me interesa en lo más mínimo that's the least of my worries eso es lo que menos me preocupa, eso es lo de menos 2.2 (lowest, humblest) [literary/literario] más humilde

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There are 3 translations of least in Spanish:



  • 1 (superl oflittle2) to say the least por no decir más it's the least I can do es lo menos que puedo hacer it's the least I'm willing to accept es el precio mínimo que estoy dispuesto a aceptar
    More example sentences
    • Thomson's theorem states that electrically charged particles arrange themselves so as to have the least energy.
    • Everyone knows what has to be done and how it is to be done with the least civil disruption.
  • 2 (in adv phrases) at least por lo menos, como mínimo there were 100 people there at least había por lo menos or como mínimo unas 100 personas you might at least make an effort al menos or por lo menos podrías hacer un esfuerzo he can't afford it; at least that's what he says no puede permitírselo; al menos eso es lo que dice in the least en lo más mínimo she didn't seem in the least concerned about it no parecía preocuparle en lo más mínimo am I disturbing you? — not in the least ¿te molesto? — en lo más mínimo or en absoluto

Definition of least in:

There are 3 translations of least in Spanish:



  • 1 (superl oflittle3) least of all you tú menos que nadie when you least expect it cuando menos te lo esperas
  • 2 (before adjective or adverb/delante del adjetivo o adverbio) menos John is the least intelligent John es el menos inteligente the least expensive of the three el menos caro de los tres
    More example sentences
    • As the drivers of old bangers are the least able to afford to invest heavily in a new car, this policy seems unfair.
    • Paragliders are not cheap, though they represent one of the least expensive ways to get into the air.
    • Those who are entitled to tax credits are the least able to afford this delay.

Definition of least in: