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American English: /lɛɡ/
British English: /lɛɡ/

Translation of leg in Spanish:


  • 1 (Anatomy)
    (of person) pierna (feminine)
    (of animal, bird) pata (feminine)
    break a leg! [colloquial] [humorous] (Theatre)
    ¡(buena) suerte!
    he/she can talk the hind legs off a donkey! [colloquial]
    habla como una cotorra or (hasta) por los codos [colloquial]
    not to have a leg to stand on [colloquial]
    llevar todas las de perder
    shake a leg! [colloquial]
    ¡muévete! [colloquial]
    apúrate (Latin America)
    show a leg! (British) [colloquial]
    ¡a levantarse!
    ¡vamos, arriba! [colloquial]
    to be on one's/its last legs [colloquial]
    estar en las últimas [colloquial]
    to get a or one's leg over (British) [slang] to get on one's hind legs (to stand up) [colloquial]
    pararse (Latin America)
    (to go into a rage) ponerse bravo (US) [colloquial]
    to pull somebody's leg [colloquial]
    tomarle el pelo a alguien [colloquial]
    to stretch one's legs to walk one's legs off [colloquial]
    matarse caminando [colloquial]
    matarse andando (esp Spain) [colloquial]
    (before noun) (muscle)
    de la pierna
    en la pierna
    leg irons
    grilletes (masculine plural)
    aparato (masculine) ortopédico (para la pierna)
    Example sentences
    • This dinosaur grew to about four meters long and a little over a meter tall, walking on all four legs.
    • The beast stood on two legs, but walked hunched over, with its front claws just inches off the ground.
    • I was feeling so unnerved, and uncomfortable by now, the small hairs on my arms and legs stood on end.
  • 3 (stage)
    (of competition, race) manga (feminine)
    vuelta (feminine)
    (of journey) etapa (feminine)
    I ran the second leg of the relay
    corrí el segundo relevo
    Example sentences
    • This is used to cover the expenses incurred on the return leg of the journey.
    • He was still feeling poorly at Cannes, where it poured with rain, and so they proceeded on the return leg of their journey via Paris.
    • As the two-stroke fumes were starting to make even the more robust feel queasy, we embarked upon the return leg of our journey.
    Example sentences
    • There's been more action in the opening five minutes of this game than in both legs of the all-Milan semi-final.
    • Alex McLeish's side came off second best to the Russian champions in the first leg of their final qualifying round tie.
    • The runners-up from the eight groups will play the first leg of their second round ties at home, which may offer a small advantage to their opponents.
    Example sentences
    • The 800-metres specialist clocked a season's best 48.4 in the 400 metres and was even quicker in his leg of the relay.
    • ‘We wanted to do better, but this is what we had,’ said Phelps, who swam the second leg of the relay.
    • On the first leg of the race ‘Loose Cannon’ outdistanced the fleet leaving them in a wind hole at the windward mark.

transitive verb present participle legging past tense, past participle legged

  • to leg it [colloquial]
    (go on foot) ir a pata [colloquial]
    (run) ir corriendo
    (escape) tomarse las de Villadiego [colloquial]
    poner pies en polvorosa [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • He legged it back to the taxi containing his producer and production team.
    • I had money on him taking the cash and legging it.
    • ‘Then two men pushed us aside and ripped the front off the machine before legging it past Waverley's and Safeway into the cemetery,’ she said.
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