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American English: /laɪf/
British English: /lʌɪf/

Translation of life in Spanish:

noun plural lives

  • 1 countable and uncountable (existence) I spend my whole life picking up after you
    me paso la vida recogiendo lo que dejas tirado
    never in my life have I been so embarrassed
    en la vida había pasado tanta vergüenza
    it will last you for life
    te durará toda la vida
    maimed for life
    lisiado de por vida
    a post held for life
    un cargo vitalicio
    I'd like to live here for the rest of my life
    me gustaría vivir aquí el resto de mis días
    he came to politics early in life
    empezó su carrera política en su juventud
    in later life she entered a convent
    más tarde or más adelante se hizo monja
    at my time of life
    a mi edad
    con la edad que tengo
    he began life as a car salesman
    empezó vendiendo coches
    eternal or everlasting life departed this life May 17 1988 [formal]
    dejó de existir el 17 de mayo de 1988 [formal]
    the man/woman in your life
    el hombre/la mujer de tu vida
    to have the time of one's life
    divertirse como nunca
    divertirse de lo lindo [colloquial]
    life's been unkind to him
    la vida lo ha tratado mal
    to live life to the full
    vivir la vida al máximo
    to see life you can bet your life we'll be late! [colloquial]
    ¡te apuesto lo que quieras a que llegamos tarde!
    they laid down their lives for their country
    dieron su vida por la patria
    to lose one's life no lives were lost
    no hubo muertos or víctimas mortales
    nadie perdió la vida
    there was appalling loss of life
    hubo muchísimas víctimas mortales
    hubo muchísimos muertos
    to risk one's life
    arriesgar la vida
    to save somebody's life
    salvarle la vida a alguien
    to take somebody's life [formal]
    darle muerte a alguien [formal]
    to take one's (own) life [formal] a matter of life and death
    una cuestión de vida o muerte
    a life-and-death decision
    una decisión de vida o muerte
    as large as life he couldn't darn a sock to save his life
    no sería capaz de zurcir un calcetín ni aun si le fuera la vida en ello
    larger than lifethe characters are all larger than life
    todos los personajes son creaciones que desbordan la realidad
    he was a larger-than-life character/Australian
    era un personaje exuberante/un australiano caricaturesco
    not for the life of oneI can't remember for the life of me
    no me puedo acordar por nada del mundo
    not on your life!
    ¡ni muerto!
    the power of life and deathcritics hold the power of life and death over a production
    los críticos tienen el poder de levantar o hundir una obra
    to cling/hold on for dear life
    aferrarse/agarrarse desesperadamente
    to fight/run for one's lifethey had to run for their lives
    tuvieron que correr como alma que lleva el diablo
    run for your lives!
    ¡sálvese quien pueda!
    he was fighting for (his) life in a London hospital
    se debatía entre la vida y la muerte en un hospital de Londres
    to frighten or scare the life out of somebody
    darle or pegarle un susto mortal a alguien
    (to have) the shock of one's life
    (llevarse) el susto de su ( or mi etc. ) vida
    she gave the performance of her life
    actuó como nunca
    to risk life and limb
    arriesgar la vida
    to take one's life in one's hands life begins at 40
    la vida comienza a los 40
    (before noun) (member/pension/president)
    life insurance policy
    póliza (feminine) de seguro de vida
    my life story
    la historia de mi vida
    Example sentences
    • Those of us who presume to speak for the lives of individual animals need to observe our subjects very carefully indeed.
    • One of the defining evils of terrorism is that it uses human beings' lives to send a political message.
    • So he owes us an explanation why only the lives of human beings are sacred.
    Example sentences
    • Meanwhile new moments in the life of the nation continue to inspire songs.
    • This refers to the life of the machine and cannot be transferred to the next one you purchase.
    • The lids seal tight, prolonging the shelf life of the contents.
  • 2 uncountable 2.1 (vital force) it brings the history of this period to life
    hace cobrar vida a este período de la historia
    to bring somebody back to life
    resucitar a alguien
    a shower brings me back to life
    una ducha me deja como nuevo or me revive
    to come to life (party)
    cobrar vida
    Example sentences
    • The juxtaposition of my somewhat flatly morbid work with the life and vitality of the farm is quite provoking.
    • The two of them together are a dynamic team, full of energy, life and very headstrong.
    • They were full of energy and life and argued their convictions against the war convincingly.
    2.2 (vitality) the measures injected new life into the economy
    las medidas revitalizaron la economía
    there's life in the old dog yet [humorous]
    tengo ( or tiene) mucho espíritu a pesar de los años
    to be the life or (esp British) the life and soul of the party
    ser el alma de la fiesta
  • 3 uncountable (lifestyle) we lead a quiet life
    llevamos una vida tranquila
    married life
    la vida de casado
    he's too fond of the good life
    es demasiado aficionado a la buena vida
    the high life
    la vida mundana
    this is the life (for me)!
    ¡esto sí que es vida!
    oh, anything for a quiet life get a life! [colloquial] (usually derogatory)
    ¡vive la vida!
    to live the life of Riley
    darse la gran vida
    vivir a cuerpo de rey
    (before noun) life event
    acontecimiento (masculine) vital or de la vida
    life membership
    Example sentences
    • Their polytheistic view influenced every aspect of their daily lives.
    • Much progress have been achieved in all aspects of their daily lives.
    • Have we forgotten that interaction and association are important factors in the social lives of humans?
  • 4 uncountable (living things) animal/plant life
    vida animal/vegetal
    Example sentences
    • The hedge is teeming with wild bird life and just now, at the height of the nesting season, a model of industry.
    • As they entered, they walked through a hallway and into the living room in search of a sign of life.
    • The tide was way out and most of the bird life was as well, but I was happy to wait and see how the rising tide would affect them.
  • 6 uncountable (imprisonment) [colloquial] he got life
    lo condenaron a cadena perpetua
    Example sentences
    • He was sentenced to life and is currently in Wakefield top security prison.
    • In England and Wales the same offence is treated as rape where the maximum sentence can be life.
    • He was sentenced to life in December last year for the murders of the girls.
  • 7 uncountable (Art)to paint/draw from life
    pintar/dibujar del natural
    (before noun) (drawing)
    del natural
    (before noun) life class
    clase (feminine) (de dibujo or pintura etc. ) con modelo vivo
    Example sentences
    • It took him a mere two hours to sculpt his subject from life in wax before going on to mould the likeness in his unique paste.
    • The large back room features portraits drawn from life - the actual rather than the ideal.
    • As a result it became a real practical proposition to use the apparatus for making drawings from life.
  • 8 countable (biography)
    Example sentences
    • He also began work on his life of 17th century biographer and antiquarian John Aubrey.
    • There were various poems, legends, saint's lives, chronicles and similar literature.
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