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like 1

American English: /laɪk/
British English: /lʌɪk/


  • 1 1.1 (similar to) he was like a father to me
    fue como un padre para mí
    I want a hat like this one
    quiero un sombrero como este
    I heard a noise like (that of) a woman crying
    me pareció oír a una mujer llorando
    there was a sound like a distant explosion
    se oyó como una explosión a lo lejos
    she's very like her mother
    se parece mucho or es muy parecida a su madre
    that photo isn't like you at all!
    estás completamente distinta en esa foto
    she said she was 40, but 50's more like it
    dijo que tenía 40, pero más bien serían 50
    try this one — now, that's more like it!
    prueba con este — ah, esto ya es otra cosa
    come on, stop crying! blow your nose! that's more like it! what's the food like at the hotel?
    ¿cómo es la comida en el hotel?
    ¿qué tal es la comida en el hotel? [colloquial]
    what's she like as a teacher?
    ¿cómo es como profesora?
    ¿qué tal es como profesora? [colloquial]
    you know what she's like in the mornings!
    ya sabes cómo es por las mañanas
    she's always like that
    siempre es así
    her name's something like Georgina or Edwina
    se llama algo así como Georgina o Edwina
    it cost £20, or something like that
    costó 20 libras o algo así or o algo por el estilo
    I've never known anything like it!
    ¡nunca he visto cosa igual!
    there's nothing like a nice cup of tea!
    no hay como una buena taza de té
    1.2 (typical of) that's not like her: she's normally so punctual
    es muy raro en ella porque suele ser muy puntual
    it's not like him to forget
    ¡qué raro que se le haya olvidado!
    it's just like you to think of food
    ¡típico! or ¡cuándo no! ¡tú pensando en comida!
    1.3 (as well as) he, like all his brothers, became a sailor
  • 2 2.1 (indicating manner) like this/that hold it like this
    ¡agárralo así!
    don't talk to me like that!
    ¡no me hables así!
    2.2 (in same way as) don't treat me like a child!
    no me trates como a un niño
    I love you like my own son
    te quiero como si fueras mi hijo
    2.3 (in typical manner) like the gentleman he was, he opened the door for me
    como buen caballero, me abrió la puerta
  • 3 (such as, for example) sports like swimming and badminton
    deportes como la natación y el badminton
    don't do anything silly, like running away
    no vayas a hacer una tontería, como escaparte por ejemplo
    let's do it soon, like tomorrow [colloquial]
    hagámoslo pronto, mañana, por ejemplo


  • 1 (as if) she looks like she knows what she's doing
    parece que or da la impresión de que sabe lo que hace
    they stared at him like he was crazy
    se quedaron mirándolo como si estuviera loco
    it sounds like they've already arrived
    por lo que se oye, parece que ya han llegado
  • 2 (as, in same way) you don't know him like I do
    tú no lo conoces como yo
    Example sentences
    • I didn't like the idea of it, but the guy was just doing his job, like I was doing mine.
    • The French bounced back really well, like we expected them to as Six Nations champions.
    • When he came in from Saints last season he possibly expected people around him to think like he did.


  • (similar thing, person)the likejudges, lawyers and the like
    jueces, abogados y (otra) gente or (otras) personas por el estilo
    I've never seen/heard the like (of this)
    nunca he visto/oído cosa igual
    I doubt we shall ever see its/her like again
    dudo que volvamos a ver otro/otra igual
    he doesn't mix with the likes of me/us [colloquial]
    no se codea con gente como yo/nosotros
    Example sentences
    • This is not just a movie, it is a cinematic experience the likes of which I have never seen before.
    • You are playing a new breed of football, the likes of which the country has never seen.
    • Hong Kong developers haven't seen the likes of this rental market since 1997.


  • (similar) I'm glad we're of like mind on this issue
    me alegro de que estemos de acuerdo or pensemos igual sobre este asunto
    people of like minds
    gente (feminine) con ideas afines


  • 1 (likely)as like as not, she won't come
    lo más probable es que no venga
  • 2 (nearly)this film is nothing like as good as the first
    esta película no es tan buena como la primera ni mucho menos
    if it's anything like as cold today …
    como haga el mismo frío hoy …
    have you finished? — nothing like
    ¿has terminado? — ni mucho menos
    ¿has terminado? — nada de eso
    ¿has terminado? — ni miras (River Plate area) [colloquial]
    champagne? sparkling wine, more like!
    ¿champán? ¡dirás más bien vino espumante!
  • 3 [colloquial] (used as filler)I was only trying to be friendly, like
    yo solo quería ser amable
    it was Christmas, like, so we wanted to have some fun
    era Navidad ¿no? y queríamos divertirnos
Definition of like in:
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There are 2 entries that translate like into Spanish:

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like 2

American English: /laɪk/
British English: /lʌɪk/

transitive verb

  • 1 (enjoy, be fond of) I/we like tennis
    me/nos gusta el tenis
    I/we like apples
    me/nos gustan las manzanas
    my sister doesn't like cats
    a mi hermana no le gustan los gatos
    did you like the film?
    ¿te gustó la película?
    I like you
    me gustas
    she likes him, but she doesn't love him
    le resulta simpático pero no lo quiere
    she likes them tall
    le gustan (los hombres) altos
    I'm not liked here
    aquí no se me quiere
    I like that one better
    me gusta más ese
    prefiero ese
    I like that one best
    el que más me gusta es ese
    how do you like your egg?
    ¿cómo quieres el huevo?
    I like my meat rare
    me gusta la carne poco hecha
    how do you like my dress?
    ¿qué te parece mi vestido?
    ¿te gusta mi vestido?
    how do you like that? he didn't even say thanks!
    ¡habráse visto! or ¡qué te parece! no dio ni las gracias
    how would you like an ice-cream?
    ¿quieres or (Spain tb) te apetece un helado?
    how would you like it if someone did that to you?
    ¿a que no te gustaría or a que no te haría gracia que te lo hicieran a ti?
    orchids like a damp climate
    las orquídeas prefieren un clima húmedo
    I don't like the look of him
    no me gusta su aspecto
    no me gusta la pinta que tiene [colloquial]
    we didn't like the look of the place
    no nos gustó el aspecto del lugar
    I don't like it (one little bit)
    esto no me gusta nada
    I like it!
    (joke) ¡muy bueno!
    (suggestion) ¡buena idea!
    he wouldn't have liked it if he had lost
    no le hubiera hecho ninguna gracia perder
    I like that! [ironic]
    ¡muy bonito! [ironic]
    ¡habráse visto!
    I like his nerve! [ironic]
    ¡qué cara tiene!
    help yourself to as much as you like o all you like
    sírvete todo lo que quieras or (Spain tb) lo que te apetezca
    do as o what you like
    haz lo que quieras or lo que te parezca
    to like -ing/to + infinitiveI like dancing
    me gusta bailar
    she likes to have breakfast before eight
    le gusta desayunar antes de las ocho
    I like to think I speak French quite well
    yo creo que hablo bastante bien el francés
    I like to think of myself as fair-minded
    me considero una persona justa
    I'd like to think he didn't do it on purpose
    quiero creer que no lo hizo a propósito
    she didn't like to ask her parents for money
    no quiso pedirles dinero a sus padres
    I don't like to mention it, but …
    no quiero (tener que) decírtelo pero …
    to like somebody -ing/to + infinitiveshe likes everybody running around after her
    le gusta que todo el mundo ande alrededor de ella
    we like him to write to us every so often
    nos gusta que nos escriba de vez en cuando
    Example sentences
    • He was one of those kids who was good looking, clever, good at sport and liked by everybody.
    • I'm liking Craig Ferguson more and more as time goes by.
    • One thing I particularly like about living here is that it's dead quiet at night.
  • 2 (in requests, wishes) we would just like to say how grateful we are
    queríamos decirle lo agradecidos que estamos
    would you like a cup of tea/me to help you?
    ¿quieres una taza de té/que te ayude?
    I should like you to have it
    querría or me gustaría que te lo quedaras
    I'd like two melons, please
    (me da) dos melones, por favor
    Example sentences
    • However, as I work flat out, it's difficult to find as much time as I'd like for this.
    • He was very special to me and I would like for everybody to know what a wonderful man he was.
    • I have nothing against Mick and would have liked him to stay on as manager until the end of the season.

intransitive verb

  • if you like
    si quieres
    si te parece
    just as you like, sir
    como usted diga, señor


  • (something liked)her/his likes and dislikes
    sus preferencias or gustos
    lo que le gusta y no le gusta
    Example sentences
    • Explain anything the babysitter needs to know about your child, such as bedtime or feeding routines, ways to comfort and likes and dislikes.
    • Before getting married, we didn't know each other's likes and dislikes, each other's desires to have or not have children, and each other's desires as to state of residency.
    • Joanne, a dementia nurse, noticed that the most anxious and volatile of her charges became calm and happy when their individual likes and dislikes were noticed and respected.
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