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Pronunciation: /lɪp/


  • 1 countable/numerable 1.1 [Anatomy/Anatomía] labio (masculine) to kiss sb on the lips besar a algn en los labios or en la boca to read sb's lips leerle* los labios a algn read my lips: never again! escúchenme bien: ¡nunca más! not a word passed her lips all evening no dijo una palabra en toda la noche to bite one's lip morderse* la lengua her name was on everyone's lips su nombre estaba en boca de todo el mundo to curl one's lip torcer* el gesto to lick/smack one's lips relamerse my lips are sealed I can't tell you, my lips are sealed no puedo decírtelo, he prometido no decir nada don't worry, my lips are sealed no te preocupes, no diré una palabra or de mi boca no saldrá to button one's lip [colloquial/familiar] callarse la boca [colloquial/familiar] to keep a stiff upper lip guardar la compostura, no inmutarse (before noun/delante del nombre) lip balm bálsamo (masculine) labial or para labios lip gloss brillo (masculine) de labios lip salve bálsamo (m) or pomada (f) labial
    More example sentences
    • Traces of the eyes, lips, retractor muscles or other head structures are not discernible.
    • A low ridge crosses the posterior surface of the blade from its medial edge to the dorsal lip of the glenoid cavity.
    • On its face, the upper lip, mandible, and tip of the muzzle are silvery white to yellowish.
    1.2 (of jug) pico (m); (of cup, tray) borde (m)
    More example sentences
    • Next, cut a notch in the container and using some dirt, build a ramp from the pond to the lip of the container.
    • Wrap pliable wire around the container below the lip to form a handle for hanging.
    • Press it around the edge or lip of a container, and it forms a spill-proof seal.
    More example sentences
    • We adjusted the knot so that it rested just above the lip, thus extending our reach downward as far as possible.
    • Slip out through the windows, slowly, very slowly, edging along the lip of the roof.
    • From the mooring buoy you swim along the lip of the bay edge at around 12m until the outline of the bow appears.
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable (insolence) [colloquial/familiar] that's enough of your lip! ¡ya basta de insolencias!, ¡no seas tan descarado or impertinente or insolente!
    More example sentences
    • Do what I say, no lip and give me my proper respect.
    • The bloggers certainly weren't going to get much lip from me.
    • I think anyone who has to take lip from 14 or 15-year-old knowalls five days a week deserve that amount of time off.

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