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American English: /ˈlɪdl/
British English: /ˈlɪt(ə)l/

Translation of little in Spanish:


  • 1
    also: comparative littler Pronunciation: /ˈlɪtlər/, /ˈlɪtlə(r)/ superlative littlest Pronunciation: / ˈlɪtləst /
    1.1 (small) I don't like little dogs
    no me gustan los perros pequeños or (especially Latin America) chicos
    a lovely little dog
    un perrito precioso
    what's in the little box?
    ¿qué hay en la caja pequeña or (especially Latin America) chica?
    what's in that little box?
    ¿qué hay en esa cajita?
    would you like some more? — just a little piece
    ¿quieres más? — bueno, un pedacito or un trocito
    a little old lady
    una viejecita
    sit down (for) a little while
    siéntate un ratito
    she is a little bit better
    está un poquito mejor or algo mejor
    1.2 (young) when I was little
    cuando era pequeña or pequeñita or (especially Latin America) chica or chiquita
    what's your little sister/brother called?
    ¿cómo se llama tu hermanita/hermanito?
    I didn't work while the children were little
    yo no trabajaba cuando los niños eran pequeños or (especially Latin America) chicos
    Example sentences
    • He had played a big role in my life since I was little so he would always be a part of my life.
    • It's funny that my favorite thing when I was little is no longer my favorite thing at all.
    • Finding someone close to the perfect person is never as easy as you are led to believe when you're little.
    1.3 (insignificant) then there's the little matter of the missing million dollars [ironic]
    está también el pequeño detalle del millón de dólares que falta [irónico]
    these multinationals couldn't care less about the little man
    para estas multinacionales el individuo no cuenta
    Example sentences
    • But it will be nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the show without having to worry about every little detail.
    • It looked like a normal house, but there were just so many little incidental details.
    • Was it the big plot points that you wanted to reflect in your life or the mundane little details that you were going for?
    1.4 (expressing speaker's attitude) [colloquial] (before noun) I know your little game!
    ¡ya te conozco el jueguito! [colloquial]
    you poor little thing!
    I know a little man who can repair it for you
    sé de alguien que te lo puede arreglar
    I can't stand the little man
    al tipo ese no lo aguanto [colloquial]
    can I tempt you to a little something?
    ¿te puedo ofrecer alguna cosita?
    Example sentences
    • There's always a little old man sat behind the counter, and no one ever seems to be in there.
    • While a little black spot on the sun may seem like a simple act, the transit of Venus is not.
    • All he needed to do now was to point his telescope at the sun all day and look for a little black spot.
  • 2
    also: comparative less superlative least
    2.1 (not much) there is very little bread/milk left
    queda muy poco pan/muy poca leche
    from what little information we have
    por lo poco que sabemos
    a television uses less electricity than a toaster
    un televisor gasta menos electricidad que una tostadora
    in less time than it takes to boil an egg
    en menos que canta un gallo
    he had little talent and even less charm
    tenía poco talento y aún menos encanto
    I have no less reason than you to be angry
    tengo tantos motivos como tú para estar enfadado
    less and less money is being spent on housing
    cada vez se gasta menos dinero en vivienda
    we've had a bit/lot less snow than you
    aquí ha habido un poco menos de nieve/mucha menos nieve que allí
    he has (the) least talent of all
    es el que menos talento tiene
    2.2a little (some) there's a little wine left
    queda un poco de vino
    I know a little Spanish
    sé un poco de español
    with not a little sadness in her voice [formal]
    con no poca tristeza en la voz

pronoun comparative less superlative least

  • 1.1 (not much)
    poco, (-ca)
    there was little to do
    había poco que hacer
    there was little left to eat
    quedaba poca comida
    little of the original fresco remains
    queda poco del fresco original
    there is little to choose between them
    hay poca or no hay mucha diferencia entre ellos
    we see very little of him nowadays
    lo vemos muy poco últimamente
    the little that she earns
    lo poco que gana
    from as little as $2,000
    a partir de tan solo 2.000 dólares
    little by little
    poco a poco
    he's saying less than he knows
    se está callando algo
    no está diciendo todo lo que sabe
    I get paid less than you
    me pagan menos que a ti
    a yard is less than a meter
    una yarda es menos que un metro
    in less than a year
    en menos de un año
    we could see less and less
    veíamos cada vez menos
    the less you do today, the more you'll have to do tomorrow
    cuanto menos hagas hoy, más tendrás que hacer mañana
    Jean earns (the) least of all
    Jean es la que menos gana de todos
    thank you very much — it's the least I could do
    muchas gracias — es lo menos que podía hacer
    the (very) least you can do is apologize
    lo menos que puedes hacer es pedir perdón
    he was rather abrupt, to say the least
    estuvo un poco brusco, por no decir otra cosa
    that's the least of it
    eso es lo de menos
    1.2a little (some) today she managed to eat a little
    hoy ha podido comer algo or un poco
    a little goes a long way
    un poco rinde or cunde mucho
    Example sentences
    • Sprinkle with a little of the leftover spring onions and serve immediately with extra cheese.
    • Most of the stuff out there just doesn't pack the same punch that the old tunes do and we want to bring back a little of the old touch.
    • Tourists and locals alike last night flocked to the pub to see if they could capture a little of the magic.
    Example sentences
    • However, the use of a variety of instruments does little to emphasize the indivisibility of rights.
    • There is little doubt that these cases in particular have led to the numerous threats to her life.
    • But he had little doubt about that side of the midfielder's game when he signed him in the summer.

adverb comparative less superlative least

  • 1.1 (not much) he goes out very little
    sale muy poco
    his music is little known in this country
    su música es poco conocida en este país
    it is a little known fact that …
    es un hecho poco conocido que …
    you should worry less about the future
    te tienes que preocupar menos por el futuro
    she's never been less than fair with me
    siempre ha sido justa conmigo
    the campaign has been somewhat less than a success
    la campaña no ha tenido mucho éxito que digamos
    I like her (the) least
    es la que menos me gusta
    just when we were least expecting it
    cuando menos lo esperábamos
    1.2 (hardly, not) See examples: little did he know that she had already left
    lo que menos se imaginaba era que ella ya se había ido
    he's little better than a thief
    es poco menos que un ladrón
    my tiredness was less physical than mental
    el cansancio que sentía era más bien mental que físico
    no one likes him, least of all his brother
    nadie lo quiere, y su hermano, menos que nadie
    Example sentences
    • Yet this role is little noticed in the US and often incomprehensible to America's allies.
    • Oh wait that's little different to being ruled by a mobster, and brutally murdered and repressed.
    • They pointed out how little human nature has changed over the last thousand years.
    1.3a little (somewhat) this will hurt a little
    te va a doler un poco
    do you speak French? — a little
    ¿hablas francés? — algo or un poco
    I'm feeling a little tired
    estoy algo or un poco cansado
    it needs a little more salt
    necesita un poco más de sal
    a little less noise, please
    hagan menos ruido, por favor
    won't you stay a little?
    ¿no te quieres quedar un ratito?
    Example sentences
    • One Moroccan girl said that she was a little afraid, since the murderer was a Moroccan.
    • I must admit, I was still a little afraid of this world that was still new and foreign to me.
    • I am a little afraid to ask what it is, but I do know I will not be eating much of this.
    Example sentences
    • Whatever happened in the past, the biblical message is little known in those lands today.
    • You need to get into the habit of drinking water little and often - before, during and after training.
    • Here, too, he enjoyed little financial success but the publication went on to greater things.

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