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Pronunciation: /lɔːs; lɒs/


  • 1 (of possessions, jobs, faculties) pérdida (f) heat/energy loss pérdida de calor/energía the ship sank with the loss of 21 lives el naufragio se cobró 21 vidas the coup was carried out without loss of life el golpe se llevó a cabo sin que hubiera que lamentar víctimas or sin derramamiento de sangre if she does leave, she'll be no great loss no se pierde nada con que se vaya it's their loss not mine son ellos los que salen perdiendo or los que se lo pierden they were filled with a keen sense of loss sintieron un gran vacío to be at a loss the news left me completely at a loss no supe cómo reaccionar ante la noticia I'm at a loss what to do next no sé qué hacer ahora I was at a loss for words no supe qué decir he's never at a loss for words tiene respuesta para todo
  • 2 2.1 [Busn] [Fin] pérdida (f) the company made a huge loss la compañía sufrió grandes pérdidas I made a loss of $100 on the deal perdí 100 dólares en el negocio a tax loss una pérdida desgravable to sell sth at a loss vender algo con pérdida we cannot continue trading at a loss no podemos seguir operando con déficit to be a dead loss [colloquial/familiar] this typewriter is a dead loss esta máquina de escribir no sirve para nada or [familiar/colloquial] es una porquería he's a dead loss as an organizer como organizador es un desastre or una calamidad to cut one's losses cortar por lo sano [Fin] reducir* las pérdidas 2.2 (in insurance) pérdida (f)
    More example sentences
    • The reason for the possible job losses is possible barrack closures at the Garrison.
    • They have admitted the financial crisis could mean more job losses and ward closures.
    • His own school is facing job losses as it is in the process of moving from two forms of entry to one.
  • 3 3.1 (bereavement) [euphemism/eufemismo] pérdida (f) [eufemismo/euphemism] the loss of a dear one la pérdida de un ser querido 3.2
    (losses pl)
    (deaths) [Mil] bajas (fpl)
    More example sentences
    • We are all subject to the pain of loss, grief, sadness and even plain disappointment.
    • The large crowds at the funeral ceremonies reflected the sense of loss and grief felt throughout the neighbourhood.
    • You should be careful of people's deeply felt grief and sense of loss before you dismiss them as selfish cynics.

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