There are 2 entries that translate lost into Spanish:

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lost 1

American English: /lɔst/
, /lɑst/
British English: /lɒst/
Definition of lost in:
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There are 2 entries that translate lost into Spanish:

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lost 2


  • 1 1.1 (mislaid, missing) to get lost
    extraviarse [formal]
    how can it have got lost?
    ¿cómo puede haberse perdido?
    Example sentences
    • Behind the sofa is one of the places in a home where all the lost things end up.
    • I murmured a prayer to St. Anthony to find a lost paper, looked down, and my hand was on it.
    • When he takes the back off to mend it, he finds the lost grand.
    1.2 (unable to find way)
    to get lost
    extraviarse [formal]
    you can get lost very easily in these tunnels
    te puedes perder or desorientar fácilmente en estos túneles
    get lost! [slang]
    ¡vete al diablo! [colloquial]
    ¡andá a pasear! (River Plate area) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • He got lost searching for the computer room, and when he eventually did call me back, the system had already righted itself.
    • Although the team got lost driving up, they were glad they came.
    • A fifth member turned up late, saying he got lost sightseeing, but the other four have not been seen.
  • 2 2.1 (vanished)
    Example sentences
    • Police are still undertaking further investigations and trying to recover the lost relics.
    • Miserably, in trying to recover his lost childhood Jackson is depriving his own kids of theirs.
    • Smokers who quit will not recover lost lung function, but the rate of decline may revert to that of a non-smoker.
    2.2 (dead, destroyed) [euphemistic]she thought of her lost baby
    pensó en el niño que había perdido
    to give somebody up for o as lost
    dar a alguien por desaparecido
    to give something up for o as lost all is not lost
    ¡no está todo perdido!
    Example sentences
    • The shrubbery was symbolic, and one particular tree was planted in memory of the Keller's lost son.
    • Every year the bodies of lost soldiers of World War One (1914-1918) are being unearthed.
    • Participants will place 29 illuminated lanterns -- one for each of the lost crew members -- around the Fitzgerald's original anchor.
  • 3 3.1 (wasted)
    to make up for lost time to be lost on somebodythese subtleties are lost on him
    se le escapan estas sutilezas
    no capta or no sabe apreciar estas sutilezas
    the joke was completely lost on her
    no entendió el chiste
    Example sentences
    • I was crying at the overwhelming sense of lost opportunity, and was probably not very good company in the bar afterwards.
    • The fact he then learnt in a couple of weeks, but simply won't read books today, is an illustration of lost opportunity.
    • Slow and stately movement is compounding the lost opportunities of earlier wasted years.
    3.2 (unrealized)
  • 4 (predicative) 4.1 (confused) you're going too fast: I'm lost
    vas demasiado rápido y me confundo or no te sigo
    Example sentences
    • At the moment though, I just feel rather lost and disorientated myself.
    • Knowing these people helps to understand why alcohol is such a boon to the lost and the lonely.
    • Tonight, I felt lost beyond anything I have felt the entire time I have been here.
    4.2 (at a loss)to be lost without something/somebody
    estar perdido sin algo/alguien
    I'm lost without a watch/my diary
    yo sin reloj/mi agenda estoy or me siento perdido
    I was lost for words
    4.3 (absorbed)to be lost in something
    estar ensimismado en algo
    he's completely lost in his book
    está totalmente ensimismado en su libro
    she's lost to the world
    está en otro mundo
    lost in thought
    sumido en la reflexión
  • 5 (denied, unavailable) (predicative) to be lost to somebody/somethingas a result of his cruelty, she was lost to him forever
    su crueldad hizo que la perdiera para siempre
  • 6 (morally fallen) [literary]
Definition of lost in:
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