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American English: /ləv/
British English: /lʌv/

Translation of love in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (affection, emotional attachment) God is love
    Dios es amor
    love is blind
    el amor es ciego
    love for somebody
    amor por alguien
    their love for each other
    el amor or el cariño que se tenían
    to feel love for somebody
    sentir cariño or amor por alguien
    to fall/be in love with somebody/something
    enamorarse/estar enamorado de alguien/algo
    he's in love with the sound of his own voice
    le encanta or le fascina escucharse
    it was love at first sight she did it for or out of love
    lo hizo por amor
    I'm not doing it for the love of it
    no lo hago por amor al arte
    for the love of God or Mike or (US also) Pete!
    ¡por el amor de Dios!
    to make love to somebody (sexually)
    hacer el amor con alguien
    a love-hate relationship
    una relación de amor y odio
    not for love or or (esp British) nor money
    por nada del mundo
    there's no love lost between them
    no se pueden ver
    (before noun) (poem/song/letter)
    de amor
    1.2 (enthusiasm, interest)love of something
    amor (masculine) a or por algo
    her love of reading
    su amor a or por la lectura
    su afición por la lectura
  • 2 2.1 (greetings, regards) give my love to your parents
    (dale) recuerdos a tus padres (de mi parte)
    cariños a tus padres (Latin America)
    mother sends her love
    mamá te manda recuerdos
    mamá te manda cariños (Latin America)
    2.2 (in letters) love from John or love, John
    un abrazo, John
    cariños, John (Latin America)
    lots of love, John
    un apretado abrazo, John
    all my love, John
    con todo mi cariño, John
  • 3 3.1 (person loved) he was my first love
    él fue mi primer amor
    he sent some roses to his love
    le envió rosas a su amor
    le envió rosas a su enamorada
    le envió rosas a su amada [literary]
    3.2 (thing loved) the theater remained her first love
    el teatro siguió siendo su gran pasión
  • 4 [colloquial] (as form of address) 4.1 (to loved one) don't cry, my love
    no llores, mi vida or mi amor
    (British) (to older woman) señora
    (to younger woman) señorita
    guapa (Spain)
    (to older man) señor
    (to younger man) joven
    guapo (Spain)
  • 5 (lovable person) [colloquial]she's/he's such a love
    es un encanto or un cielo
    be a love and fetch my book
    anda, cielo, tráeme el libro
  • 6 (in tennis) 15-love
    she won six games to love
    ganó por seis juegos a cero
    (before noun) love game
    juego (masculine) en blanco or a cero
    love set
    set (masculine) en blanco or a cero

transitive verb

  • 1 (care for)
    amar [literary]
    of course I love you!
    ¡claro que te quiero!
    children need to be loved
    los niños necesitan cariño
    love thy neighbor (as thyself) (Bible)
    ama al prójimo (como a ti mismo)
    everyone loves a winner
    a todo el mundo le gustan los triunfadores
    love me, love my dog
    quien quiere a Beltrán quiere a su can
    I'll have to love you and leave you now [colloquial] she loves me, she loves me not
    me quiere mucho, poquito, nada
    Example sentences
    • He truly did love her, and deep down he knew his family would too, but he was still nervous.
    • Though you tried to deny it, you must trust your heart that deep inside you love him.
    • A part of me hoped that deep down he really did love me for that.
  • 2 (like)to love something/-ing/to + infinitiveI love reading/music/to get presents
    me encanta leer/la música/recibir regalos
    I'd love a cup of tea
    una taza de té me vendría de maravilla
    I'd love to come
    me encantaría ir
    me gustaría muchísimo ir
    do I like the theater? I love it!
    ¿que si me gusta el teatro? ¡me encanta!
    don't you just love it?
    ¿no te encanta?
    I love your new hairstyle
    me encanta tu nuevo peinado
    the boss is going to love this one [ironic]
    ¡ya verás tú la gracia que le hace al jefe! [ironic]
    the man they love to hate
    el malo que a todos fascina
    Example sentences
    • Sarah loves the outdoors and enjoys swimming, surfing, gardening, cooking and camping.
    • But thousands of ordinary people would love the chance to enjoy opera more fully.
    • What we do is for people who really love his music.

intransitive verb

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