Translation of madam in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmædəm/


  • 1.1 (as title) señora (feminine) Dear Madam (in letters) Estimada Señora Madam President/Chairman señora presidenta/directora (as form of address/como título de cortesía) señora
    More example sentences
    • Madam Speaker: Please allow the member to complete his answer in silence.
    • Madam Speaker, we are a city that cares about its future.
    • Madam Secretary, I'll start with you.
    1.2 (of brothel) madam(e) (feminine), madama (feminine), regenta (feminine) (Chile)
    More example sentences
    • As long as brothel madams and their prostitutes paid their monthly fines and sought to keep drunkenness, violence, theft and other disorderly behavior to a minimum, the police left them alone.
    • The 45-year-old mother of four is a millionaire entrepreneur who made her fortune as a brothel madam on the Kalgoorlie goldfields.
    • If you like I could always send a note to Eileen, the madam of the brothel, getting her to collaborate my story.
    1.3 (bossy girl) (British English/inglés británico) [pejorative/peyorativo] she's a proper little madam! mira que aires or importancia se da la mocosa esta [colloquial/familiar] (as form of address/como título de cortesía) señorita
    More example sentences
    • ‘I cannot possibly imagine myself wearing those,’ the proper madam muttered with utmost conviction.
    • Now, young madam, let me wager a month's salary that you, like so many of our sisters these days, are the proud and confident wearer of the latest hipsters.
    • The little madams ' fancy then turned to donkey rides, which were quickly arranged.

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