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Pronunciation: /meɪk/

Translation of make in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado made)

  • 1 (to produce) [paint/cars] hacer*, fabricar*; [dress] hacer*, confeccionar [formal]; [meal/cake/sandwich/coffee] hacer*, preparar; [film] hacer*, rodar; [record] grabar; [fire/nest/hole] hacer*; [list/will] hacer* to make a noise hacer* ruido to make the beds hacer* las camas, tender* las camas (Latin America/América Latina) to make a note of sth anotar algo made with the best ingredients hecho or [formal] elaborado con los mejores ingredientes made in Spain/Mexico hecho or fabricado en España/México made in Argentina/Peru industria or fabricación argentina/peruana it's made a stain on the carpet ha manchado la alfombra she's as sharp as they make 'em [colloquial/familiar] es lista or viva como ella sola [colloquial/familiar]to make sth into sth I'll make this materiual into a skirt con esta tela me haré una faldato make sth out of/from/of sth she made the dress out of an old sheet se hizo el vestido con una sábana vieja we made another meal from the leftovers hicimos otra comida con las sobras it's made of wood/plastic es de madera/plástico they make them out of plastic now ahora los hacen de plástico the army'll make a man (out) of you el ejército te hará hombre don't make an enemy of her no te la eches encima como enemiga see alsodifference 1 2, fuss, mess 1 1 1 etc
    Example sentences
    • His famous vacuum cleaner is made from clear plastic, allowing the owner to see all of the working parts.
    • He was making something out of a piece of scrap wood.
    • The remaining aircraft will be brought back into service as new hubs are made.
    Example sentences
    • Congress, under the Constitution, is the body that makes laws and regulations governing the armed forces.
    • She had to pose for photographs and drawings were made from the pictures.
    • The chosen man was instructed to make a will and briefed on how he would die.
    Example sentences
    • We set up our trusty camp-cooker in the empty kitchen and made coffee which we drank outside.
    • He got fruit ready for my lunch and made my breakfast.
    • I find the flesh of the sweet potato makes a lovely smooth gnocchi so I often make this dish for supper.
    Example sentences
    • Dad used to make a big deal about getting the fireworks, while Chris and I made a bonfire.
    • Some years ago I met up with an estate agent who loved making fires.
    • They left the car by the side of the road, and ventured a bit into the forest, where they made a fire.
  • 2 2.1 (to carry out) [repairs/changes/payment] hacer*, efectuar* [formal]; [preparations/arrangements] hacer*; [journey/visit] hacer* to make a mistake cometer un error, equivocarse* let's make a deal hagamos un trato we made our escape at nightfall nos escapamos al anochecer make a left (turn) here (American English/inglés norteamericano) dobla or gira a la izquierda aquí 2.2 [remark/joke/announcement/promise] hacer* to make a speech pronunciar un discurso may I make a suggestion? ¿puedo hacer una sugerencia?, ¿puedo sugerir algo?
    Example sentences
    • A spokesman said the changes had been made after the company had taken on board comments at a public meeting about the original proposals.
    • Officers made one arrest and a dog-handling unit was brought in to assist the hunt for others.
    • Paul makes a long boring speech, telling everyone to side with commercial development.
    Example sentences
    • Two senators have complained that you made derogatory remarks about them, and they're asking that you tone it down.
    • If the parties are unable to agree on costs, written submissions may be made to me.
    • How kind of you to take the trouble to write and make such a tempting invite.
  • 3 (to cause sth to be) I'll make you happy/rich/famous te haré feliz/rica/famosa don't make life difficult for yourself no te compliques la vida that made me sad eso me entristeció or me apenó the work made me thirsty/sleepy el trabajo me dio sed/sueño do I make myself clear? ¿me explico?, ¿está claro? what makes me angry is … lo que me da rabia es … make yourselves comfortable pónganse cómodos make yourself at home estás en tu casa they made their decision public hicieron pública su decisión I couldn't make myself heard above the noise no podía conseguir que me oyeran con el ruido winning the gold made her the darling of the nation el haber ganado la medalla de oro la convirtió en la niña mimada del país they've made him supervisor lo han nombrado supervisor, lo han ascendido a supervisor he made her his wife la hizo su esposa I made their relationship the subject of my book hice de su relación el tema de mi libro I shall make it my business to find out yo me ocuparé or me encargaré de averiguarlo she made it a rule never to drink more than three glasses of wine tenía por norma no beber nunca más de tres vasos de vino if nine o'clock is too early, make it later si las nueve es muy temprano, podemos reunirnos ( or encontrarnos etc) más tarde two large pizzas … , no, make that three dos pizzas grandes … , no, mire, mejor déme tres he is a good, make that great, athlete (American English/inglés norteamericano) [colloquial/familiar] es un buen, o mejor dicho, un excelente atleta
  • 4 4.1 (to cause to) hacer* the heat made us sweat el calor nos hacía sudar don't make me laugh no me hagas reír whatever made you do it? ¿por qué lo hiciste?, ¿qué te llevó a hacer eso? now look what you've made me do! ¡mira lo que me has hecho hacer! you've made me forget what I was going to say me has hecho olvidar lo que iba a decir it makes you wonder te da que pensar ¿verdad? it makes me want to scream me dan ganas de ponerme a gritar 4.2 (to compel) obligar* a, hacer* you can't make me go no puedes obligarme a ir, no puedes hacerme ir you must make her see a doctor tienes que hacer que vaya al médico, tienes que obligarla a ir al médico she was made to apologize la obligaron a or la hicieron pedir perdón
    Example sentences
    • When a certain group tried to make us give into pressure, they were chased away by the ones in power.
    • He directed me to get out of the car and made me walk a straight line.
    • His mother Jacqueline resorted to emotional blackmail to try to make him stop.
  • 5 5.1 (to be, to constitute) ser* perfume makes the ideal gift el perfume es el regalo ideal it would make a nice change sería un cambio agradable you'd make a useless nurse como enfermera serías un desastre, no servirías para enfermera you'll make sb a good husband/wife! serás un buen marido/una buena esposa para algn he made a rather unlikely Falstaff su Falstaff era poco convincente they make a nice couple hacen buena pareja the documentary makes fascinating viewing es un documental fascinante de ver 5.2 (to equal, to amount to) ser* five plus five makes ten cinco y cinco son diez sixteen ounces make one pound dieciséis onzas son una libra that makes ten of us, including you con eso somos diez, contándote a ti that makes two of us ya somos dos
    Example sentences
    • This makes the third time I have started this letter and always something comes up to interfere with its writing.
    • Rachael and Stephanie make a mean sisterly duo on the hill rally circuit.
    • We made a pretty good team.
    Example sentences
    • In fact, as the months go by I have begun to see that Hilary would make a far finer wife than the errant Stella.
    • As a former forward I've my own ideas about what makes a great forward.
    • With her long features and battered trilby, she also makes a plausibly boyish Ganymede.
  • 6 6.1 (to gain, to earn) they made millions/a lot of money hicieron millones/mucho dinero they made a loss/profit perdieron/ganaron dinero they made a profit of $20,000 ganaron or sacaron 20.000 dólares how much did you make on the deal? ¿cuánto sacaste or ganaste con el trato? top salespeople make up to £900 a week los mejores vendedores sacan or ganan hasta 900 libras por semana the owner of this bar must be making a fortune el dueño de este bar tiene que estar haciendo una fortuna or [colloquial/familiar] se debe estar forrando 6.2 (to acquire) [friends] hacer* I made a few acquaintances there conocí a or [formal] trabé conocimiento con algunas personas allí to make a name for oneself hacerse* un nombre to make a name for oneself as sth hacerse* fama de ser algo
    Example sentences
    • One of the steps in making my flat ready for sale is the redecoration of the entire place.
    • The strong cast is what makes this sometimes mediocre material work as well as it does.
    • This is not the kind of speech to make a deeply unpopular leader any more popular.
    Example sentences
    • Being an artist is a way to get my songs out there, but labels are looking to make money and a profit.
    • Edwards has made a fortune as a lawyer.
    • He makes millions of dollars a year!
    6.3 (in cards) [contract] cumplir to make a trick ganar una baza
    Example sentences
    • On the other hand, if a declarer makes no tricks, it is a match against her.
    • As an added complication, no sequence can be counted until its holder has actually made a trick.
    • If a defender made one or more tricks, he subtracts one point for each trick.
    6.4 (in US football) [yardage] adelantar
  • 7 (to calculate) what do you make the total? ¿(a ti) cuánto te da? I make it 253 (a mí) me da 253 what time do you make it, what do you make the time? ¿qué hora tienes?
  • 8 8.1 (to understand, to make out)to make sth of sth I could make nothing of the message no entendí el mensaje, no saqué nada en limpio del mensaje make of that what you will tú saca tus propias conclusiones 8.2 (to think)to make sth of sb/sth what did you make of him? ¿qué te pareció? I don't know what to make of it no sé qué pensar
    Example sentences
    • What time do you make it?
    • I make it - what? A hundred fifty yards to the bend?
    • We are currently at 13,000, excuse me, make that 14,200 feet above sea level, looking out over a sea of clouds.
  • 9 (to make a fuss of) they like to make a lot of their grandchildren les gusta mimar mucho a sus nietos I think you're making too much of what she said creo que le estás dándo demasiada importancia a lo que dijo do you want to make something of it? ¿estás buscando pelea?
  • 10 [colloquial/familiar] 10.1 (to manage to attend, reach) I'm afraid I can't make Saturday me temo que el sábado no puedo I couldn't make it to the party no pude ir a la fiesta we just made the 3 o'clock train llegamos justo a tiempo para el tren de las tres the deadline's on Friday and we're not going to make it el plazo vence el viernes y no vamos a poder terminar we should make London by two o'clock deberíamos estar en Londres antes de las dos I just made it home before it started to rain llegué a casa justo antes de que empezara a llover she won't make her 60th birthday at this rate como siga así or si sigue así, no va a llegar a los 60 or a cumplir 60 the story made the front page la noticia salió en primera plana he never made more than assistant manager nunca pasó de subgerente to make it she made it fairly late in her career alcanzó el éxito bastante tarde en su carrera they made it through to the finals llegaron a la final you're good enough to make it to the top tú eres capaz de llegar a donde te propongas 10.2 (to have sex with) [slang/argot] acostarse* con, tirarse [vulgar], coger* (Mexico/México) (River Plate area/Río de la Plata) [vulgar] to make it with sb echarse un polvo con algn [slang/argot]
    Example sentences
    • He never tried to make her, never laid a hand on her.
    • He drove a Ferrari, he had long hair, and rumour had it he had even made it with a girl!
    • Is it possible that this is just a guy on the make, doing everything he can, just to make it with a woman?
  • 11 (to assure the success of) this is the movie that made him esta es la película que lo consagró her performance really made the play en realidad fue su actuación la que hizo de la obra un éxito the hat really makes the whole outfit el conjunto no sería lo que es sin el sombrero if you go to Harvard, you're made for life si vas a Harvard, tienes el futuro asegurado to make or break sth/sb ser* el éxito o la ruina de algo/algn it's make or break now for the German athlete este es el momento de la verdad para el atleta alemán mar
  • 12 (in phrases/en locuciones) to make believe the children made believe the table was a ship los niños jugaban a que or se imaginaban que la mesa era un barco you can't just make believe it never happened no puedes pretender que no sucedió, no puedes hacer como si no hubiera sucedido to make do (with sth), to make sth do arreglárselas con algo we'll have to make do with what we have/to make that do tendremos que arreglárnoslas con lo que tenemos/con eso mend 2 2

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado made)

  • 1 1.1 (to make a preliminary move) to make as if o as though to + infinitive/infinitivo hacer* ademán de + infinitive/infinitivo she made as if to get up hizo ademán de levantarse, hizo como si se fuera a levantar he made as if o as though to hit me hizo ademán de pegarme, hizo como que me iba or como si me fuera a pegar, amagó con pegarme 1.2 (to pretend) (American English/inglés norteamericano) [slang/argot] [dated/anticuado] make like you're real dumb hazte el idiota
  • 2 (to move, to proceed) dirigirse* they made toward the door se dirigieron hacia la puerta see also make for
    Example sentences
    • I made towards the most colourful hut, which was obviously a bar though I couldn't see a name on it.
    • Stepping down from the spire he made towards the door, when suddenly he heard voices from below.
    • He made towards the window and sat down in the chair closest to it, panting.


  • 2to be on the make [colloquial/familiar] (out for gain) estar* intentando sacar tajada [colloquial/familiar] (looking for a date) estar* de ligue or (South America/América del Sur) de levante or (Chile) de pinche [colloquial/familiar]

Phrasal verbs

make after

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
(chase) perseguir*, correr tras

make away

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
escaparse, largarse* [colloquial/familiar] to make away with sth llevarse algo, escaparse or [colloquial/familiar] largarse* con algo

make away with

verb + adverb + preposition + object/verbo + adverbio + preposición + complemento
1.1 (abolish) suprimir, acabar con 1.2 (kill) [literary/literario] asesinar, quitarle la vida a to make away with oneself quitarse la vida, suicidarse

make for

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
1.1 (head toward) dirigirse* hacia/a he made for the door, but she stopped him se dirigió hacia la puerta, pero ella lo detuvo she made straight for the bar se fue derecho al bar they were making for home iban camino a casa 1.2 (attack) atacar*, abalanzarse* sobre 1.1 (encourage, promote) contribuir* a mutual distrust doesn't make for a good relationship la desconfianza mutua no contribuye a una buena relación

make off

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
salir* corriendo, largarse* [colloquial/familiar] to make off with sth llevarse algo, escaparse or [colloquial/familiar] largarse* con algo

make out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento 1.1 (discern) [object/outline] distinguir*; (from a distance) divisar; [sound] distinguir* I can't make out what she's saying no entiendo lo que dice I can't make out the address no logro descifrar la dirección 1.2 (figure out) [colloquial/familiar] entender*, comprender I just can't make her out sencillamente no la entiendo or comprendo she couldn't make out why he had done it no se explicaba or no acababa de entender por qué lo había hecho 1.3 (write) [list/invoice/receipt] hacer* make the check out to P. Jones haga el cheque pagadero a or a favor de P. Jones, extienda el cheque a la orden de or a nombre de P. Jones 1.4 (put forward) to make out a case for/against sth/sb presentar argumentos a favor/en contra de algo/algn 1.1verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio 2.1 (do, fare) [colloquial/familiar] how did you make out in the exam? ¿qué tal te fue en el examen? [colloquial/familiar] 2.2 (get along) [colloquial/familiar]to make out with sb how did you make out with her kids? ¿qué tal te fue con sus niños? we made out fine as soon we met nos caímos bien desde el primer momento 2.3 (sexually) (American English/inglés norteamericano) [slang/argot] neck 2 1.2 (claim, pretend) 3.1verb + adverb + object/verbo + adverbio + complemento she made out it was her own work dio a entender que lo había hecho ella misma he made out he didn't know anything about it fingió no saber nada del asunto you're not as ill as you make out no estás tan enfermo como pretendes or como quieres hacer creer he's even more stupid than they made out es aún más estúpido de lo que ellos dieron a entender 3.2verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio they made the situation out to be more serious than it was pintaron la situación como más grave de lo que en realidad era he's not as rich as he makes himself out to be no es tan rico como pretende she made herself out to be a millionairess se hacía pasar por millonaria

make over

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento (transfer ownership of) [property/money] transferir*, ceder he made his estate over to his daughter le transfirió or cedió sus bienes a su hija 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento 2.1 (reuse) [clothes] (American English/inglés norteamericano) arreglar, reformar the leftover turkey can be made over into a delicious pie con el pavo que sobre se puede hacer un delicioso pastel 2.2 (transform) remozar* 1.2verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio (American English/inglés norteamericano) 3.1 (with cosmetics) maquillar 3.2 (change image of) transformar la imagen de the candidate had been made over in an effort to win votes habían transformado la imagen del candidato en un intento de ganar votos

make up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento 1.1 (invent) [story/excuse] inventar you've made the whole thing up (te) lo has inventado todo, son todos inventos tuyos 1.2 (assemble, prepare) [prescription] preparar; [page] confeccionar; [road] (British English/inglés británico) arreglar iron all the pieces before making up the sweater planche todas las piezas antes de coser or armar el suéter I'm trying to make up a foursome estoy tratando de formar un grupo de cuatro personas they made up boxes of food to send to the refugees prepararon cajas de alimentos para mandar a los refugiados they made the clothes up into bundles hicieron atados con la ropa we can easily make up a bed for you on the sofa podemos prepararte una cama en el sofá sin ningún problema 1.3 (draw up) [agenda/list] hacer*, preparar 1.4 (complete, add) completar he put in another piece to make up the weight le agregó otro trozo para llegar al peso or para completar el peso she came along to make up the numbers vino para completar el grupo you pay what you can, I'll make up the full amount/the difference paga lo que puedas, yo pondré la diferencia (para completar el total) 1.5 (compensate for) if you take the afternoon off, I'll expect you to make up the time later si te tomas la tarde libre, tendrás que trabajar otro día para reponer las horas or para compensar see also make up for 1.1verb + adverb + object/verbo + adverbio + complemento (constitute) formar the parts that make up the whole las partes que forman or constituyen el todo these notes make up the chord of A major estas notas forman el acorde de la mayor a research team made up of 11 scientists un equipo de investigación formado or integrado por 11 científicos it is made up of three parts está compuesto de tres partes 1.2 3.1verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio (achieve reconciliation) to make up (with sb) hacer* las paces (con algn), reconciliarse (con algn) let's kiss and make up dame un beso y hagamos las paces 3.2verb + adverb + object/verbo + adverbio + complemento they made up their differences hicieron las paces to make it up (with sb) hacer* las paces (con algn), reconciliarse (con algn) 1.3 4.1verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio (with cosmetics) maquillarse, pintarse she taught me how to make up me enseñó a maquillarme or a pintarme 4.2verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb/verbo + adverbio + complemento, verbo + complemento + adverbio [person/eyes] maquillar, pintar; [actor] maquillar, caracterizar* to make oneself up maquillarse, pintarse

make up for

verb + adverb + preposition + object/verbo + adverbio + preposición + complemento
compensar their enthusiasm makes up for their lack of experience su entusiasmo compensa or suple su falta de experiencia no amount of money can make up for losing a limb la pérdida de un miembro no se puede compensar con dinero we'll have to work even harder, to make up for lost time tendremos que trabajar más para recuperar el tiempo perdido what she lacks in technique she makes up for in style lo que le falta de técnica lo compensa con estilo

make up to

verb + adverb + preposition + object/verbo + adverbio + preposición + complemento (make advances to) tratar de ganarse el favor de 1.1v + o + adv + prep 2.1 (bring, raise) I'll make the total up to £200 yo pondré lo que falte para llegar a 200 libras add water to make the juice up to a cupful añadir agua al jugo hasta obtener una taza de líquido 2.2 (compensate) to make it up to sb just give me one more chance: I'll make it all up to you dame otra oportunidad y te resarciré de todo thank you for your help: I don't know how to make it up to you gracias por tu ayuda, no sé cómo podré pagarte lo que has hecho 2.3 (British English/inglés británico) [Military/Militar] ascender* a

make with

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento (American English/inglés norteamericano)
[slang/argot] [dated/anticuado] make with the money! ¡vamos, el dinero! then he made with the bagpipes entonces se puso a tocar la gaita

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