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Pronunciation: /ˈmænər; ˈmænə(r)/


  • 1 (way, fashion) forma (feminine), modo (masculine), manera (feminine) he was behaving in a ridiculous manner se estaba comportando de forma or manera ridícula or de modo ridículo it's just a manner of speaking es un decir did you solve the problem? — in a manner of speaking ¿resolviste el problema? — en cierto modo or en cierta medida or hasta cierto punto (as) to the manner born como si hubiera nacido para ello
    More example sentences
    • They brighten the streets and fasten the scenery together in the unobtrusive manner of true cultural icons.
    • Fortunately, individual lions can be dependably identified in an unobtrusive manner.
    • In a gruesome act of fate, the star famed for that role met her untimely death in a similar manner, but by accident, on December 8, 1971.
  • 2 2.1 (bearing, demeanor) actitud (feminine) she has an abrupt manner es brusca a good telephone manner is essential es imprescindible tener buen trato por teléfono 2.2 (style) [Art/Arte] estilo (masculine) the house was decorated in the French manner la casa estaba decorada al or en estilo francés after the manner of Jenks al estilo de Jenks
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    • Bollinger was ‘working’ in these pictures, but not in the manner of the other artists Fiore depicted.
    • It is largely devoted to an account of the battle of Actium, but tells it all in the manner of Callimachus, a style wholly unsuited to the subject-matter.
    • These new works are a bold push forward, and they show the artist entering into the world of storytelling in the manner of a heartsick troubadour.
  • 4
    (manners plural)
    4.1 (personal conduct) modales (masculine plural), educación (feminine) didn't they teach you (any) manners at school? ¿no te enseñaron modales en el colegio? have you forgotten your manners? ¿dónde están tus modales? it's (good) manners to say 'please' es de buena educación decir 'por favor' it's bad manners to point es (de) mala educación señalar con el dedo manners! ¡qué modales son esos! 4.2 (lifestyle) [formal] costumbres (feminine plural) a comedy of manners [Literat] una comedia costumbrista
    More example sentences
    • I am going to make extra effort to use good manners and proper social behavior.
    • I promise to practice good manners and good behaviour and not to lead a life of idleness.
    • To be aggressive in behaviour, arrogant in manners and harsh in language is a manifestation of savagery.
    More example sentences
    • Undoubtedly his manner towards Shackleton must have appeared quite subservient.
    • His characteristic manner soon brought customers from near and far and his perfectness in hair styling was always much admired.
    • She probably had a pretty face to start with, but her manner and grace was quite a study in femininity.

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