There are 3 translations of march in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /mɑːrtʃ; mɑːtʃ/


  • 1 [Military/Militar] marcha (feminine) Sherman's march through Georgia el avance or la marcha de las tropas de Sherman a través de Georgia the Long March la Larga Marcha the capital is three days' march from here la capital está a tres días de marcha de aquí they were on the march before sunrise ya estaban en camino antes del amanecer to steal a march on sb ganarle por la mano or (River Plate area/Río de la Plata) de mano a algn, ganarle la mano a algn (Chile)
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    • They aim to reach the Pole in 65 days, by which time they will have covered twice the distance trekked by Hadow in his march to the North Pole.
    • For instance, as they begin their march, the mood in the army of Shalya, one of the first to start to join the war, is one of celebration.
    • The afternoon's celebrations included a march down to the ferry launching site, the walking group led by piper Bill Jackson.
  • 2 [Music/Música] marcha (feminine) military/bridal march marcha militar/nupcial
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    • In the second movement - the funeral march - musical iconography impinges on performance.
    • Funeral marches abound in Mahler, and they don't always mean literal death.
    • With their use of tone rows and dense counterpoint these pieces should dispel any ideas that Ives's music is just about jaunty marches and musical borrowings.
  • 3 (demonstration) marcha (feminine) (de protesta) a peace march una marcha por la paz
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    • He was also involved in the policing of presidential and Royal visits, marches and sectarian rioting.
    • The curtains flapping from the broken windows led to rumours of white flags and peace marches.
    • At one point, the film follows several of the tour's dancers watching a march by the AIDS activist group ACT UP.
  • 4 (progress) (of time) paso (masculine); (of science, technology) avance (masculine)
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    • It understands rile future not as simply a repetition of today or as the inevitable march of progress.
    • This information was celebrated by the media as the inevitable forward march of progress.
    • As the march of history progresses, however, traditions change.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 [troops] marchar when Saddam marched into Kuwait cuando Saddam invadió Kuwait they marched past the visiting dignitaries desfilaron ante los dignatarios visitantes quick march! de frente ¡mar(chen)! time marches on el tiempo sigue su curso inexorablemente the protesters marched on the Capitol los manifestantes se dirigieron al Capitolio to march for peace tomar parte en una marcha por la paz
  • 2 (stride) she marched into the office and started shouting entró con paso firme en or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) a la oficina y se puso a gritar he marched up to the referee se dirigió resueltamente hacia el árbitro

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • hacer* marchar, obligar* a caminar the prisoner was marched in hicieron entrar al prisionero they marched him off to prison se lo llevaron preso

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