Translation of margin in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmɑːrdʒən; ˈmɑːdʒɪn/


  • 1 countable/numerable (on page, typewriter) margen (masculine) write it in the margin escríbalo al margen to set the margins fijar los márgenes, marginar (before noun/delante del nombre) margin release (key) liberador (masculine) del margen margin set marginador (masculine)
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    • This is fairly easy to accomplish by defining a bounding rectangle for the text that is the same width as the space between the page margins.
    • The holes are far greater than the space in this book given over to noticeably wide margins and blank space.
    • Folding down the corners of pages, scribbling in margins and breaking the spines of paperbacks are signs of a barbarian.
  • 2 2.1 countable or uncountable/numerable o no numerable (leeway) margen (masculine) he won by a narrow/wide/comfortable margin ganó por un escaso margen/con un amplio margen/holgadamente margin of error/safety margen de error/de seguridad 2.2 uncountable/no numerable [Business/Comercio] (of profit) margen (masculine) (de ganancia or de beneficio) to buy on margin comprar (valores) a crédito (before noun/delante del nombre) margin account cuenta (feminine) de margen
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    • At the same time, the IRA said, the firms are passing on their increased costs to consumers and increasing their own margins and profits.
    • What's more, many banks sneakily use base-rate changes to increase their margins and profits.
    • There could be some pleasant news with respect to operating profits as revenues continue to grow and margins increase.
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    • In fact, one of the roots of my concern is that nobody will know for sure when the safety margin has been eroded too far.
    • Protein recommendations for athletes are commonly expressed in a range to include a safety margin.
    • Be sure your available runway length provides an adequate margin for safety.
  • 3 (fringe — of lake) (often plural/frecuentemente plural) margen (f); (— of society, debate) margen (m) they live on the margin(s) of society viven marginados
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    • Many are forced to leave their families and lead a precarious existence living on the margins of society.
    • In plan-form the dune has an irregular outline but the eastern margin is more complex and irregular than the western edge.
    • Because Australia has a broad continental shelf it lobbied to have this zone extend to the outer edge of the margin.
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    • Even without the threat of war, an operation of this size presses at the margins of possibility.
    • Yet the fact that he's about to shoot a new feature in colour with Bill Murray and other prominent stars also suggests he's willing to push the limits of those margins.
    • It can explore the margins and limits of the text and of classical theatre, and in the process demystify, even kill the text and the author and his authority.

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