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marginal 1

American English: /ˈmɑrdʒənl/
British English: /ˈmɑːdʒɪn(ə)l/


  • 1 (on page)
    Example sentences
    • ‘Fiscal rot’ was his marginal note on a chart showing the growth of the public debt in the 1990s.
    • A marginal inscription notes that Captain Cook first sighted the south-eastern corner, where settlement began.
    • For one thing, all my marginal notes are missing.
  • 2 (minor)
    to be marginal to somethingthis is marginal to the debate
    esto está relacionado con el debate solo de manera tangencial
    Example sentences
    • Types of work which are now marginal were still important.
    • This could have been the basis of an interesting discussion of how marginal or central such songs were to Finland.
    • In the same way women are central - not marginal - to the process of reproduction.
  • 3 3.1 (not very productive)
    poco rentable
    Example sentences
    • Farmers originally received grants to plant forests on marginal farmland.
    • He notes that the northern grazing industry has usually been economically marginal, rarely very profitable.
    • Underneath that wide smile, he scares marginal McDonald's store operators with his frankness.
    3.2 (Economics, Finance)
    marginal tax rate
    tasa (feminine) impositiva marginal
    Example sentences
    • In each country, the long-run perfectly competitive equilibrium price equals marginal production cost plus the per unit tax.
    • Thus short-run marginal costing rather than LRMC is the appropriate pricing strategy.
    • Hyundai Motor India has announced a marginal price increase for all its cars across segments to reflect the incidence of Education Cess.
    3.3 (Politics) (British English) marginal constituency
    (distrito electoral cuyo representante obtuvo el escaño por escasa mayoría)
    Example sentences
    • Nationally that figures has soared by 500 per cent in marginal seats in the election.
    • Catching these ‘missing voters’ could make a significant difference to the results of elections in marginal seats.
    • Leeds North West, which encompasses Otley, has been targeted by the Liberal Democrats and Tories as a key marginal seat in their election campaigns.
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There are 2 entries that translate marginal into Spanish:

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marginal 2


  • (British English)
    (escaño obtenido por escasa mayoría)
    Example sentences
    • Cook kept faith with voting reform, maintaining the present system depresses turnout and contributes to ‘lack of colour’ as parties compete for the swing voter in key marginals.
    • ‘All these polls indicate is that there will be a dogfight for the last seat in all key marginals and the vote will be so tight it is hard for anyone to call it,’ the Fine Gael spokesman said.
    • While a higher top rate would win back Labour waverers on the left, the fear among the party's strategists is that it would risk losing swing voters in the key marginals, and that the net effect could be negative.
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