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Pronunciation: /ˈmærɪdʒ/


  • 1 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (act) casamiento (m), matrimonio (m), enlace (m) [formal] she tried to prevent their marriage trató de impedir que se casaran marriage to sb casamiento (masculine) or [formal] enlace (masculine)con algn (before noun/delante del nombre) marriage ceremony ceremonia (feminine) del matrimonio marriage certificate certificado (masculine) or (Mexico/México) acta (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) de matrimonio marriage lines (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] partida (f) or certificado (m) or (Mexico/México) acta (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) de matrimonio marriage vows votos (masculine plural) matrimoniales 1.2 uncountable or countable/no numerable o numerable (relationship, state) matrimonio (masculine)marriage to sb her marriage to the poet lasted two years estuvo dos años casada con el poeta a marriage of convenience un matrimonio de conveniencias to be related by marriage ser* parientes políticos or por afinidad we're cousins by marriage somos primos políticos he gave him his daughter in marriage le entregó a su hija en matrimonio (before noun/delante del nombre) marriage counseling o (British English/inglés británico) guidance terapia (feminine) de pareja marriage counselor o (British English/inglés británico) marriage guidance counsellor consejero, (masculine, feminine) matrimonial marriage settlementacuerdo prematrimonial en el que se estipula la cuantía de la dote
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    • But with large numbers of unions still ending in divorce and many couples choosing to cohabit and raise children out of wedlock, has marriage had its day?
    • People often pose the question in terms of social equality, but marriage is also an institution of economic rights.
    • It's a very American piece, like a sketch show, a revue about love, dating, marriage, children, divorce, death, so we go from being eight to 80 in the show.

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