There are 2 translations of marshal in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmɑːrʃəl; ˈmɑːʃəl/


  • 2 (as title) (AmE) 2.1 (police chief) jefe, -fa (m,f) de policía; (fire chief) jefe, -fa (m,f) de bomberos 2.2 [Law]supervisor de los tribunales de un distrito judicial
    More example sentences
    • Federal marshals estimated that the birdmen, in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, killed thousands of birds over a five-year span.
    • Federal marshals are guarding overseas flights, and state troopers are patrolling trains.
    • However, when the justices travel around the country, they are sometimes protected by federal marshals rather than Supreme Court cops.
    More example sentences
    • They were refused entry to the tavern and immediately went to the Canton Station in search of the Police Marshal.
    More example sentences
    • He knew that social status depended on landed wealth, so he fixed high salaries for marshals, judges, and bishops, and membership of legislative or representative bodies was limited to the rich.
    • The judge, marshal supervisor, prosecutor and other participants develop a plan designed to anticipate the security needs during trial.
    More example sentences
    • As building inspectors, fire marshals and riot police rally against them, the squatters continue to fight for decent shelter and survival.
    • The authority for fire regulations for each state is governed either by the fire marshal or the state department of health.
    • A local fire department or state fire marshal's office can provide guidance on the minimum legal requirements.
  • 3 (at public gathering) miembro (m) del servicio de vigilancia
    More example sentences
    • More than 400 people will be supporting the event, many being reunited after working as marshals during the Commonwealth Games.
    • Surveys show that drivers and the public all want marshals and someone has to pay.
    • They appoint their own marshals, who control the annual get-together.

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There are 2 translations of marshal in Spanish:


vt ( (BrE) -ll-)

  • 1.1 (muster) [troops/crowd] reunir*; [support] conseguir*; [courage/patience] armarse de
    More example sentences
    • He recruited and marshalled the troops and issued their orders.
    • Behind his affable, bluff demeanour and disingenuous screen image, one senses he is the master of all he surveys, not quite the lone reporter, rather a general marshalling an army of researchers.
    • He scored 41 runs, took a diving catch and put in a tight bowling spell - and generally marshalled his troops effectively throughout.
    More example sentences
    • And marshal your facts and arrange your thoughts, so you can present a logical argument to the readers.
    • He marshals facts and arguments in numbered order.
    • These facts are marshalled to produce the opposite of the truth.
    1.2 (organize) [thoughts/arguments] poner* en orden; [evidence] reunir* 1.3 (conduct, usher) conducir*

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