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American English: /ˈmæstər/
British English: /ˈmɑːstə/

Translation of master in Spanish:


  • 1 you can't serve two masters
    no se puede servir a Dios y al diablo
    I will be master in my own house!
    ¡en esta casa mando yo!
    to be master of the situation/of one's destiny
    ser dueño de la situación/de su ( or mi etc. ) destino
    to be one's own master
    no tener que darle cuentas a nadie
    Example sentences
    • The third type of government in the household is that of the lord over his slaves and the master over his servants…
    • By 1640 the social structure of the island consisted of masters, servants, and slaves.
    • The old law of master and servant saw the master as the head of the family.
    Example sentences
    • He asked me what my business was and I told him I had a letter of introduction for the master of the household.
    • He was the independent master of a peasant household, whose position was protected by the king's law.
    • He is a father, a master of household, a countryman, and hence a consummate member of a community.
    Example sentences
    • In these stories, the horse accompanies his master through all kinds of hardships and danger.
    • The forest was still and quiet; the horses watched their masters placidly.
    • Even the animals knew their masters were excited, and were thus excited themselves.
  • 2 (expert)master of something
    maestro (-tra) (masculine, feminine) de algo
    experto (-ta) (masculine, feminine) en algo
    to be a past master of something
    ser un maestro consumado en algo
    Example sentences
    • Strength, compassion, honor and skill elevate the practitioner to the master.
    • The FBI agent is tough, smart, and a master of disguise.
    • He is a master of disguise and concealment.
  • 3 3.1 (University) (degree)master's (degree)
    (título (masculine) de) master (masculine) or máster (masculine)
    maestría (feminine)
    Master of Arts/Science
    (poseedor de una maestría en Humanidades/Ciencias)
    Example sentences
    • He is a graduate of UH with master's degrees in Pacific Studies and History.
    • Some had master's and doctorate degrees, and some were Party members.
    • The number of researchers has doubled, and a larger proportion now have master's degrees and doctorates.
    3.2 (British) (teacher)
    (in secondary school) profesor (masculine)
    (in primary school) maestro (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • The master of the public school said he was unable to make any further comment.
    • When he protested his innocence, his schoolmates sided with the master.
    • Look at him, walking around like he's the day master at a boarding school.
    3.3 (of college)
    Example sentences
    • The rogue gave the master of the college as referee, but in view of his story, the bank opened the account and collected the cheque without making enquiries.
    • First there was a general interview at which the candidates were grilled by the master, dean, senior tutor, and fellows of the subject.
    • He held the regius chair of Greek at Oxford for nearly 40 years and was master of Balliol College for more than 20 years.
  • 4 (Nautical)
    Example sentences
    • During the trip, Jones unexpectedly became the ship's master when its captain and first mate died suddenly.
    • The master of the ship was in command at the time of the incident.
    • A mariner emerges from the hatchway and climbs the rigging, while below the boatswain and ship's master are thrown about on deck.
  • 5
    also: Master
    5.1 (History) (as form of address used by servants)
    el señor
    (to younger man) señorito
    you called, master?
    ¿llamaba el señor?
    Example sentences
    • Young Master John, please to understand it is not wise to disrespect and interrupt your elders if you wish to benefit from their knowledge and wisdom.
    • Bronte depicts young Master John Reed as virtually a paradigm of the Victorian bad boy, wallowing in gluttony, sadism, and a host of other deadly sins.
    • But I'd look between the benches at young master Charles on the playing field and think, that's where I should be.
    5.2 (on letters to young boys)
  • 6 6.1 (Computing) (controlling device)
    terminal (masculine) maestro
    Example sentences
    • The main advantage of the cluster is that the computation power depends on the number of computers one adds to the master machine.
    • One device acts as a master and the devices connected to it act as slaves.
    • Whenever a machine becomes master, it takes over the virtual server address and continues with its original.
    Example sentences
    • The quality is also poor because the transfer was taken from a tape master rather than the original 35 mm print.
    • The transfers are as good as they can be, given the state of the video master tapes these were culled from.
    • The soundtrack master seems to have been in good shape, as there is little trace of any kind of background distortions or hiss.
    6.2 (Audio, Computing, Printing) (for copies)
  • 7master (card) (Computing)
    tarjeta (feminine) maestra

transitive verb

  • 1 (control)
    Example sentences
    • Personality explores what it is that makes us who we are and uncovers the universal battle to master our emotions and control our behaviour.
    • I'm not sure if you'll find an easy answer: mastering control of your dreams enough to wake up at will may be a skill that takes a while to learn.
    • Humans then have a God given right to control and master nature.
  • 2 (learn)
    llegar a dominar
    Example sentences
    • Treatment strategies for asthma include daily self-management that relies on acquiring and mastering specific knowledge and skills.
    • It was a time when creating a role meant believing in the art rather than simply mastering the technique.
    • His technique of completely mastering a topic before drawing it allowed for this high level of demonstrative skill.

adjective before noun, no comparative

  • 1 (expert) master baker/builder
    maestro (masculine) panadero/de obras
    Example sentences
    • I can't think of a finer person to have taught me the sport-he was a master technician who had a real knack for dealing with kids.
    • You don't need to be a master carpenter, but some basic skills and basic tools are necessary.
    • Our country has the pride of having master craftsmen who carve out exquisite products with their deft hands.
  • 2 (main, principal)
    Example sentences
    • I scored the first victory of the weekend by claiming the master bedroom - a sumptuous affair with a bay window and a lovely view of the river.
    • The master bedroom is ensuite and has a walk-in wardrobe with shelves.
    • On the first floor there is a master bedroom with en-suite shower room and balcony, and a second bedroom/study.
  • 3 (dominant) the master race
    la raza superior
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