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Pronunciation: /meɪt/


  • 1 1.1 (assistant) ayudante (masculine and feminine)
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    • We had no lifting training and were not provided with driver's mates to assist with the lifting involved.
    • She's now an aviation electrician's mate and soon will start in the shop for electricians.
    1.2 [Nautical/Náutica] oficial (masculine and feminine) de cubierta first mate primer oficial (masculine)
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    • The same applied to the sailing master, his mate, and the carpenter when they also arrived.
    • The ship's mates would be here at any minute, and I would lose my charter to Antwerp if I was caught.
    • When a sailor ‘belonged’ to a ship his main loyalty was to his ship and his mates.
  • 2 2.1 [Zoology/Zoología] (male) macho (masculine); (female) hembra (feminine) 2.2 (of person) pareja (feminine), compañero, (masculine, feminine)
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    • She said if we treated our husbands / mates like we treated our pet dogs, our marriages would be happier.
    • I mean, that's terrible to lose a life partner and a mate at any age, but certainly at a young age like that.
    • From this perspective, the problem of your missus or your mate takes on added significance.
    2.3 (of shoe, sock etc) (especially American English/especialmente inglés norteamericano) compañero, (masculine, feminine)
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    • Have you ever wondered as to the whereabouts of the mate to those odd socks you find in the dryer or your sock drawer?
    More example sentences
    • He then told them that he would take all steps necessary so that the zoo gets new species of animals and mates for those animals that are single now.
    • Both admitted intentionally killing a wild bird, injuring its mate and having a loaded air rifle without lawful authority.
    • Andean condor Homer and his mate Marge are love birds again - after vets gave him a blunter beak to save her from the sharp side of his temper.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (become partners) aparearse 1.2 (copulate) aparearse, acoplarse, copular

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

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