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Pronunciation: /ˈmætər; ˈmætə(r)/

Translation of matter in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable/no numerable 1.1 (substance) [Philos] [Physics/Física] materia (feminine), sustancia (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • In general, the distinction between matter and antimatter is somewhat arbitrary.
    • Einstein described what we call gravity as curves in space and time, created by matter and energy.
    • As a result, the energy exchange between matter and radiation becomes less efficient.
    1.2 [Medicine/Medicina] (discharge) pus (masculine), materia (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Students of a nearby school found poisonous organic matter in water samples they studied.
    • It can be discounted here because of the absence of clay minerals and organic matter in freshly erupted ash.
    • If your soil is high in clay or sand, add organic matter to break up clay particles for better drainage.
    (subject matter)
    tema (masculine) form and matter forma y contenido
    1.4 (written, printed material) printed matter impresos (masculine plural) reading matter material (masculine) de lectura 1.5 [Printing/Imprenta] (composed type) galeradas (feminine plural); (material to be composed) manuscrito (masculine)
  • 2 2.1 (question, affair) asunto (masculine), cuestión (feminine) let's say no more about the matter no digamos nada más sobre el asunto or la cuestión a matter of great importance/of national interest un asunto or un tema de gran importancia/de interés nacional let's try and keep to the matter in hand tratemos de ceñirnos al asunto or al tema que estamos tratando that's another o a different matter eso es otra cosa, eso es diferente this is a matter for the police esto requiere la intervención de la policía it's a matter for her to decide es ella quien tiene que decidir that's a matter of taste eso es cuestión de gustos it's only a matter of time solo es cuestión de tiempo that's a matter of opinion eso es discutible it's just a matter of getting on a plane no hay más que tomarse un avión, es cuestión de tomarse un avión, nada más I won't eat there as a matter of principle yo, por principio, no como ahí as a matter of interest, what does he do for a living? por pura curiosidad ¿en qué trabaja? we always keep a copy as a matter of course tenemos por norma conservar una copia there's the little matter of the two million they owe [ironic] está el pequeño detalle de los dos millones que deben [irónico] it's no laughing matter no es motivo de risa, no es (como) para reírse 2.2
    (matters plural)
    as matters stand tal y como están las cosas to make matters worse para colmo (de males) I can't see how that will help matters yo no veo que eso vaya a ayudar matters arising asuntos (masculine plural) varios
    2.3 (approximate amount) a matter of sth cuestión (feminine) or cosa (feminine)de algo it was all over in a matter of seconds todo acabó en cuestión or cosa de segundos 2.4 (in phrases/en locuciones) as a matter of fact as a matter of fact, I've never been to Spain la verdad es que or en realidad nunca he estado en España I think I will have a cup of coffee, as a matter of fact pensándolo bien, me voy a tomar un café as a matter of fact, we were just leaving justo nos íbamos for that matter en realidad I wouldn't tell you; or anyone else, for that matter no te lo diría; ni a ti ni a nadie, en realidad you can have it with rice or pasta; or both, for that matter lo puedes comer con arroz o con pasta; o con las dos cosas, si quieres no matter (as interjection/como interjección) no importa (as conjunction/como conjunción) no matter how hard I try, you're never satisfied por mucho que me esfuerce, nunca estás satisfecho no matter what your opinion of him may be, you have to admit that … independientemente del concepto que puedas tener de él, tienes que reconocer que … I want you back by 9 o'clock, no matter what quiero que estés de vuelta a las nueve, pase lo que pase it'll look terrible, no matter where you put it va a quedar horrible, lo pongas donde lo pongas no matter how cheap/large/tall it is por barato/grande/alto que sea
    Example sentences
    • A brief consideration of the matter shows that it is a serious situation.
    • A Scottish Executive spokesman said matters arising from the inquiry were a matter for the Crown Office.
    • All the above noted issues are matters for discussion and consideration.
    Example sentences
    • His defence of spin is not unreasonable: of course politicians do what they can to present matters in the light that reflects best on them.
    • It has to be said that this was a very poor affair and to make matters even worse from a Johnville point of view, they lost the game.
    • To make matters worse, our affair had been common knowledge amongst most members of her family.
  • 3 (problem, trouble) what's the matter? ¿qué pasa? what's the matter/what was the matter with you? ¿qué te pasa/pasaba? what's the matter with Jane/the typewriter? ¿qué le pasa a Jane/a la máquina de escribir? is anything the matter with Alice? ¿le pasa algo a Alice? something's the matter o there's something the matter with her algo le pasa what's the matter with it? why won't you eat it? ¿qué tiene (de malo) que no lo quieres comer?

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • importar it doesn't matter no importa, da igual they win the games that matter ganan los partidos realmente importantes or que realmente importan does it matter how old I am? ¿qué importancia tiene mi edad? what matters most is that we stick together lo más importante es que nos mantengamos unidosto matter to sb money is the only thing that matters to her/them el dinero es lo único que le/les importa getting this job matters a lot to me conseguir este trabajo significa mucho para mí nothing matters to me any more ya nada me importa

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