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Pronunciation: /miːt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado met)

  • 1 1.1 (encounter) encontrarse* con I met her yesterday on my way to the bank me encontré con ella ayer cuando iba al banco I'm meeting her in Paris on Saturday me voy a encontrar con ella el sábado en París I arranged to meet him at the club quedé en or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) quedé de encontrarme con él en el club, quedé con él en el club (especially Spain/especialmente España) meet me on the corner at 6 o'clock encontrémonos en la esquina a las 6 I met him for a drink at the hotel nos encontramos en el hotel para tomar una copa to meet sb halfway o in the middle llegar* a un arreglo con algn
    More example sentences
    • In all the time we have been booking courses we have not met this attitude before.
    • Our children don't need to meet those selfish attitudes behind a steering wheel.
    • It becomes particularly important when the relationship meets an impasse.
    1.2 (welcome) recibir; (collect on arrival) ir* a buscar he came out to meet me salió a recibirme she met her guests at the door recibió a los invitados en la puerta the whole village turned out to meet her todo el pueblo or el pueblo entero salió a recibirla she saw me coming and ran to meet me me vio llegar y corrió a mi encuentro he met me off the train me fue a buscar or a esperar a la estación don't bother to come and meet me no te molestes en ir a buscarme or a esperarme I'll send Peter to meet the train/plane mandaré a Peter a buscarte ( or buscarlos etc) or a recogerte ( or recogerlos etc) a la estación/al aeropuerto
    More example sentences
    • Also, a similar service was proposed to run to Cheddington Station to meet hotel guests arriving by train.
    • We drove into the main bazaar, fully expecting some of these functionaries to be waiting to meet us.
    • When I travel to Crewe to meet the Tommys, an as-yet unsigned all-girl pop-punk quartet, their manager Paul meets me off the train.
    More example sentences
    • But perhaps just as telling was the widespread cynicism the scandal was met with.
    • Gillespie's comments were met with mixed reactions at the Scottish Open, finishing today at Loch Lomond.
    • But the findings were met with a mixed reaction from lunchtime drinkers in the pavement bars and cafes of Manchester yesterday.
    1.3 (oppose) [opponent/enemy] enfrentarse a
    More example sentences
    • The Springboks would have an easier route through the competition, probably meeting France in the semis.
    • Five years ago when these two teams met it was a victory to Cranleigh by 39-10.
    • The men's second team met Leigh first who were just above them in the league.
  • 2 (make acquaintance of) conocer* I'd like you to meet her me gustaría que la conocieras she first met him at a party lo conoció en una fiesta to meet new friends hacer* nuevas amistades John, meet Mr Clark [formal] John, le presento al señor Clark pleased to meet you encantado de conocerlo, mucho gusto pleased to have met you encantado de haberlo conocido nice meeting you encantado, mucho gusto in the first chapter we meet Susan, a writer en el primer capítulo el autor nos presenta a Susan, una escritora
    More example sentences
    • I understand now, that we have to go through several acquaintances before we meet true friends.
    • He is also an acquaintance of Raj, having met him in mid 2002.
    • The sky shifted in colors as she thought back to the duration of time about eleven years ago when she met her foster parents.
  • 3 3.1 (come up against, experience) [obstacle/problems] encontrar*, toparse con he would meet his death there allí habría de encontrar su muerte she met her fate with dignity enfrentó su destino con dignidad to be met by/with sth encontrarse* con algo on his return he was met by another crisis a su regreso se encontró con otra crisis my proposals were met with blank refusals mis propuestas fueron rechazadas de plano there's more to this than meets the eye esto es más complicado de lo que parece 3.2 (counter, respond to) she met their threats with defiance hizo frente desafiante a sus amenazas she was met with enthusiastic applause fue recibida con calurosos aplausos 3.3 (match) igualar we will meet any sum you raise igualaremos cualquier suma que ustedes recauden
  • 4 (satisfy) [demands/wishes] satisfacer*; [deadline/quota] cumplir con; [debt] satisfacer*, pagar*; [obligation] cumplir con he doesn't meet our requirements no reúne or no llena or no cumple nuestros requisitos they will have to meet the cost themselves ellos mismos van a tener que hacerse cargo de los gastos
    More example sentences
    • If something doesn't meet your needs and requirements then there will be another tradition around the next corner.
    • Anaemia is a condition in which the blood cannot carry enough oxygen to meet the body's needs.
    • St David's Cathedral already meets the requirements of health and safety regulations but many other churches don't.
    More example sentences
    • Port charges were generally revised upward to meet debt obligations.
    • The spokesperson said it could not afford to meet the claim as FLS was still losing money in Ireland.
    • This is to ensure that there is sufficient money to meet its obligations.
  • 5 5.1 (come together with, join) East meets West in this beautiful city Oriente y Occidente se dan la mano en esta bella ciudad her lips met mine nuestros labios se fundieron en un beso her gaze met his sus miradas se cruzaron she could not meet his eye o gaze no se atrevía a mirarlo a la cara 5.2 (strike) dar* contra

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado met)

  • 1 1.1 (encounter each other) encontrarse* we met by chance at the game nos encontramos en el partido (por casualidad) we arranged to meet at three quedamos en or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) quedamos de encontrarnos a las tres, quedamos a las tres (especially Spain/especialmente España) where shall we meet? ¿dónde nos encontramos?, ¿dónde quedamos? (especially Spain/especialmente España) the two presidents will meet in May los dos presidentes se entrevistarán en mayo until we meet again! ¡hasta la vista! 1.2 (hold meeting) [club/committee] reunirse*; [presidents/ministers] entrevistarse
    More example sentences
    • The group met for an assembly dedicated to the celebration, a tour of the school and a 1950s-style school dinner.
    • The group meets once a month and is particularly keen to hear from residents with an interest in local history, architecture and open spaces.
    • The group meets once a month to discuss ways of combating city centre crime.
    1.3 (make acquaintance) conocerse* we (first) met in 1963 nos conocimos en 1963 have you two already met? ¿ya se conocen?, ¿ya los han presentado? I've a feeling we've met somewhere before me parece que nos conocemos or que lo conozco de algún lado 1.4 (as opponents) enfrentarse
    More example sentences
    • The student had tapped her name and mobile phone number into his phone and arranged to meet him for lunch before she left.
    • I'd arranged to meet my partner Nick for lunch to get his verdict on the new me.
    • I arranged to meet Andrew in a pub in Hampstead called the Holly Bush.
  • 2 (come into contact) the vehicles met head on los vehículos chocaron or se dieron de frente there was a village where the three roads met había un pueblo en el empalme or en la confluencia de las tres carreteras the belt wouldn't meet around his waist no se podía cerrar el cinturón their eyes met sus miradas se cruzaron


Phrasal verbs

meet up

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
1.1 (get together) to meet up (with sb) encontrarse* (con algn) let's meet up after the lecture encontrémonos or juntémonos después de la conferencia 1.2 (coincide) [parts/edges]to meet up (with sth) coincidir or (Colombia) (Venezuela) empatar con algo 1.3 (join) [roads]to meet up with sth empalmar con algo

meet with

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
1.1 (encounter, experience) [opposition/hostility] ser* recibido con to meet with failure fracasar to meet with success tener* éxito the proposal met with general approval la propuesta recibió la aprobación general she met with an unfortunate accident le ocurrió un lamentable accidente 1.2 (meet) (American English/inglés norteamericano) [friend] encontrarse* con; [salesman/delegate] reunirse* con

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