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Pronunciation: /ˈmembərʃɪp; ˈmembəʃɪp/


  • 1.1 u (being a member) membership of the club is restricted to residents solo los residentes pueden hacerse socios del club to apply for membership solicitar el ingreso or la admisión en un club ( or partido etc) she gave up her party membership dejó de pertenecer al partido membership of o (AmE also) in the EU has brought many benefits el pertenecer a la UE ha reportado muchos beneficios (before n) membership card carné (m) de socio membership fee(s) cuota (f) (de socio) membership list lista (f) de socios ( or afiliados etc)
    More example sentences
    • If you do not have the new plastic bar-coded membership card please come in and sign up.
    • I'll hand in my membership card and become a monk, take the vow and never return.
    • They do not carry membership cards, they have not taken any oath of allegiance.
    1.2 c (members) (+ sing or pl vb) socios (mpl)( or afiliados (mpl) etc); (number of members) número (m) de socios ( or afiliados etc) the entire membership voted against todos los miembros ( or afiliados etc) votaron en contra the society has a membership of 2,000 la sociedad tiene más de 2.000 socios or (AmL) [formal] tiene una membresía de más de 2.000
    More example sentences
    • These standing committees had a fluctuating membership and no subject specialism.
    • Promoters were boasting a membership of more than 700 even before the concrete was dry.
    • The rules and regulations of a club membership are something you are either built to fit in with or take flight from.

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