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American English: /mɛs/
British English: /mɛs/

Translation of mess in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (no plural) (untidiness, disorder) what a mess!
    ¡qué desorden!
    tidy up this mess!
    ¡arregla este desorden!
    the bedroom was (in) a mess
    el dormitorio estaba todo desordenado
    el dormitorio estaba patas para arriba [colloquial]
    my hair is a mess [colloquial]
    tengo el pelo hecho un desastre
    the pair of them look a mess [colloquial]
    los dos van muy desarreglados or desastrados
    her toys were in a mess all over the floor
    tenía todos los juguetes desparramados por el suelo
    he's a good cook, but he makes such a mess in/of the kitchen
    cocina bien, pero deja la cocina hecha un desastre or un asco
    you can play here, but don't make any mess
    puedes jugar aquí, pero no desordenes nada
    Example sentences
    • Go to Paddy's shed to avoid making a mess of the kitchen.
    • Each time you host a party at home, it's a total mess in the kitchen due to last minute preparations.
    • The kitchen is a mess and I walked in, took one look around and walked out.
    1.2 (no plural) (dirt, soiling) to make a mess (of something)
    ensuciar algo
    you've made a mess of your new shirt
    te has ensuciado la camisa nueva
    1.3 uncountable (excrement) (British) [colloquial] [euphemistic]
    caca (feminine) [colloquial]
    dog's/cat's mess
    caca de perro/gato [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Police say he is responsible for pushing dog mess through letterboxes, smashing windows, damaging cars, pelting people with eggs and assaulting other youngsters.
    • According to a couple who spoke to Coun Kaye about dog mess, he told them as he left: ‘You can't educate the working class.’
    • One said that the problem of dog mess had been overshadowed by abandoned condoms, empty alcohol containers and remnants of glue sniffing, which had been left of the recreation field.
    Example sentences
    • A mess of us will convene in San Diego for this year's Comic-Con International.
    • Although there are some truly enjoyable moments, The Last Kiss is generally a mess of stories and lacks the heart that makes a romantic movie so memorable.
    • I've eaten at Kam Han several times recently, both at lunch and dinner, as well as having ordered a mess of takeout, and the food has generally been very good.
  • 2 (no plural) (confused, troubled state) she's in such a mess, she has huge debts
    está metida en un verdadero lío, tiene deudas enormes
    their marriage was (in) a mess
    su matrimonio andaba muy mal
    the country is (in) a complete mess
    la situación del país es caótica
    my life's a mess
    mi vida es un desastre
    to get into a mess
    meterse en un lío
    to get somebody out of a mess
    sacar a alguien de un lío or de un apuro
    to make a mess of something/-ingyou made a real mess of this job
    hiciste muy mal este trabajo
    she made a real mess of her life
    se arruinó la vida
    he made a mess of fixing the car
    arregló muy mal el coche
  • 3 countable (Military)officers' mess
    casino (masculine) de oficiales
    comedor (masculine) de oficiales
    Example sentences
    • The building will also house a mess room, locker rooms, kitchen, offices and an education suite complete with computer and reference books.
    • You can assign me to clean the latrine or peel potatoes in the army mess, and I will be deriving a science out of it.
    • They were often blamed for eating all the sandwiches before the other officers returned to mess at night.
  • 4 (no plural) (large quantity) (US) [colloquial] a whole mess of friends
    un montón or la tira de amigos [colloquial]
    pilas de amigos (South America) [colloquial]

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (waste time) [colloquial] off to bed now, kids, and no messing!
    a la cama, chicos ¡y sin tontear! or ¡y nada de tonterías!
    she told him straight out and no messing
    se lo dijo directamente
    se lo dijo sin rodeos
    se lo dijo de golpe y porrazo [colloquial]
    1.2 (excrete) (British) [colloquial] [euphemistic]the dog messed on the carpet
    el perro ensució la alfombra [euphemistic]
    Example sentences
    • A member of Craven's dog control panel, Coun Polly English said: ‘If anyone sees a dog messing and they know the owner let me know and I will pass it on.’
    • On one occasion we even offered a plastic bag to the owner of a Labrador whose dog had messed in the field, and all we got was a lot of abusive language!
    • So Hazel does not like horses messing in the street, fearing a health hazard, but she drives a car.
  • 2 (Military)
    comer el rancho

transitive verb

  • [euphemistic]to mess one's pants
    hacerse encima [colloquial] [euphemistic]
    hacerse caca encima [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • In fact, I am so frightened, I fear I might just mess my pants!
    • Is it a strategy to not mess one's own pants?
    • When he sees a muzzle-flash in his vision, he messes his pants before he falls dead or wounded.

Phrasal verbs

mess about

mess around

mess around

1verb + adverb 1.1 (misbehave) she found out he'd been messing around
descubrió que había tenido líos or enredos con otras
he started messing around with drugs
empezó a meterse con drogas
1.2 (fiddle, waste time) I was just messing around with some friends
andaba por ahí ganduleando con unos amigos
he enjoys messing around in boats
le gusta entretenerse or pasar el tiempo navegando
she didn't mess around: she told him straight out
no se anduvo con vueltas; se lo dijo sin más [colloquial]
1.3 (interfere)to mess around (with something/somebody)they keep messing around with the arrangements
cambian los planes una y otra vez
stop messing around with my things!
¡deja mis cosas tranquilas!
don't mess around with me
no juegues conmigo
no me tomes el pelo [colloquial]
2verb + object + adverb (British) 2.1 (treat inconsiderately) don't mess me around: are you going to come or not?
no me fastidies or decídete de una vez ¿vienes o no? [colloquial]
he messed us around over the date
nos cambió mil veces la fecha
he messed me around so much that I left him
jugó conmigo de tal manera, que lo dejé
2.2 (muddle)
armar un lío con [colloquial]

mess up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (make untidy) 1.2 (make dirty) 1.3 (spoil) 2verb + adverb (US) [colloquial]
echarlo todo a perder

mess with

verb + preposition + object [colloquial]
1 (make untidy) 2 (provoke)
meterse con [colloquial]
I wouldn't mess with him
yo no me metería con él [colloquial]
3 (sexually)
tener líos or enredos con
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