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mess around

Translation of mess around colloquial in Spanish:

  • 1verb + adverb 1.1 (misbehave) she found out he'd been messing around
    descubrió que había tenido líos or enredos con otras
    he started messing around with drugs
    empezó a meterse con drogas
    1.2 (fiddle, waste time) I was just messing around with some friends
    andaba por ahí ganduleando con unos amigos
    he enjoys messing around in boats
    le gusta entretenerse or pasar el tiempo navegando
    she didn't mess around: she told him straight out
    no se anduvo con vueltas; se lo dijo sin más [colloquial]
    1.3 (interfere)to mess around (with something/somebody)they keep messing around with the arrangements
    cambian los planes una y otra vez
    stop messing around with my things!
    ¡deja mis cosas tranquilas!
    don't mess around with me
    no juegues conmigo
    no me tomes el pelo [colloquial]
  • 2verb + object + adverb (British) 2.1 (treat inconsiderately) don't mess me around: are you going to come or not?
    no me fastidies or decídete de una vez ¿vienes o no? [colloquial]
    he messed us around over the date
    nos cambió mil veces la fecha
    he messed me around so much that I left him
    jugó conmigo de tal manera, que lo dejé
    2.2 (muddle)
    armar un lío con [colloquial]
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