There are 2 translations of mine in Spanish:



The translation mío reflects the gender and number of the noun it is standing for mine is translated by el mío, la mía, los míos, las mías, depending on what is being referred to.

  • (singular) mío, ; (plural) míos, don't touch that, it's mine no toques eso, es mío mine is here el mío/la mía está aquí a friend of mine un amigo mío it's a hobby of mine es uno de mis hobbies, es un hobby que tengo please be mine! dime que sí let's go back to mine volvamos a mi casa


  • [archaic] (singular) mi; (plural) mis

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There are 2 translations of mine in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /maɪn/


  • 1 [Mining] mina (feminine) diamond/uranium mine mina de diamantes/uranio to go down the mine(s) trabajar en las minas she/the book is a mine of information ella/el libro es una mina de información (before noun/delante del nombre) mine workings excavaciones (feminine plural) mineras
    More example sentences
    • It also governs landscape features that delve down into the earth such as mines and quarries, wells, caves, holes or obscure valleys.
    • Such an inexhaustible labour force was ruthlessly expended in the exploitation of Siberia's mineral wealth - the coal mines of Vorkuta and gold fields of Kolyma.
    • In my electorate, we have problems in the Huntly area, which are a consequence of the shafts in former coal mines.
  • 2 [Military/Militar] mina (feminine) to sow o lay mines in an area minar una zona, sembrar* de minas una zona
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    • Among other things, he detonated mines and bombs left behind from the Vietnam War.
    • The most common equipment for sweeping contact mines in the Allied navies was the Oropesa sweep, so-called after the first ship to use it in 1919.
    • They were a precursor to modern mines, high-explosive devices that can be detonated by the completion of an electrical circuit, by pressure, or by a tripwire.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 [Mining] 1.1 [gold/coal] extraer* 1.2 [area/seam] explotar they had mined the area for gold habían explotado los yacimientos de oro de la zona

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • [Mining]to mine (for sth) to mine for tin (extract) explotar minas/una mina de estaño (prospect) buscar* estaño

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