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American English: /mɪks/
British English: /mɪks/

Translation of mix in Spanish:


  • 1 (mixture)
    Example sentences
    • The tour is a fascinating mix of anecdotal and historical stories combined with well-presented factual information.
    • Like all successful teams they have realised that you must have a mix of quality and commitment as one without the other is no good.
    • I think I've got a fair mix of ages and qualities.
  • 2 (ingredients) cake mix
    (preparado comercial para hacer pasteles)
    Example sentences
    • But on reading the ingredients of a cake mix, I realise now I would never want to.
    • Not that the business is entirely against the use of mixes and other prepared ingredients.
    • The book assumes that most birthday cake makers will use a commercial cake mix.
  • 3 (Audio)
    Example sentences
    • These are two very different audio mixes (the older track fast and furious, the new one with a deliberate, pained vocal and wailing guitar).
    • This release sees the addition, not only of the rare mono mix but the tracks recorded for her first solo outing, with the band backing her.
    • Stuffed to the gills with demos, home-recordings, live versions and unusual mixes, you'll find all of your favourites here, but often in wildly different guises.
    Example sentences
    • Otherwise, all three of these sound mixes are identical to one another.
    • Accompanying James' unorthodox choreography is a stream of video images and an audio mix that includes a sitcom laugh track, a bingo caller and barnyard animals.

transitive verb

  • 1 (combine)
    to mix one's drinks
    mezclar las bebidas
    to mix something in
    añadir or incorporar algo
    to mix something into something
    mezclar algo con algo
    incorporar algo a algo
    mix together the flour and the eggs
    mezclar la harina con los huevos
    to mix something with something
    mezclar algo con algo
    I never mix business with pleasure
    nunca mezclo los negocios con el placer
    mix and match to mix it with somebody (British English) [colloquial]
    meterse con alguien [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • It was a chemical reaction, the kind when you mix two substances that aren't supposed to be mixed together.
    • Substances are mixed with all sorts of things to give them bulk and sell for triple the price.
    • When enough of each of the ingredients in pure form are mixed together, the results are deadly.
    Example sentences
    • Each of the ingredients in the concrete, the proportions of those ingredients, and how the concrete is mixed, placed, and finished all affect the outcome.
    • In terms of longevity, prepare to purchase and mix new developer about every five years or so.
    • But biotech drugs can't be made by mixing a recipe of ingredients A, B, and C.
  • 2 (Audio)
    Example sentences
    • A danceable cumbia or salsa track is mixed with other sounds, everything from electronica to rap.
    • The transmitter mixes the signal with some strong radio signals called carrier waves.
    • Audience tracks were then mixed in stereo for the TV broadcast.
    Example sentences
    • An accomplishment any musician would admire, she played all the instruments, sang lead and backing vocals, then independently recorded and mixed the album.
    • We have most of their album recorded and mixed, but we're looking for the hot single.
    • We only had a few days' time to record, overdub and mix three songs.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (combine)
  • 2 (go together)
    combinar (bien)
    Example sentences
    • Oil and water do not mix because they are fundamentally different substances, not only in their obvious characteristics but also on a molecular scale.
    • This explains why, in a closed system, 2 gases will always mix despite the fact that no heat may be exchanged.
    • You will notice that you use fewer drops of essential oil for perfumes; this is because the essential oils don't mix as well with water and alcohol as they do with carrier oils.
  • 3 (socially) she doesn't mix well at parties
    le cuesta entablar conversación con la gente en una reunión
    to mix with somebody
    tratarse con alguien

Phrasal verbs

mix up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (combine)
1.2 (prepare)
1.3 (throw into confusion) don't get your books mixed up with mine
no mezcles tus libros con los míos
1.4 (confuse)
to mix something/somebody up with something/somebody
confundir algo/a alguien con algo/alguien
I'm always mixing him up with his brother
siempre lo confundo con su hermano
to mix it up (American English) [colloquial]
1.5 (bewilder)
2 (usually passive) 2.1 (involve)to be/get mixed up in something
estar metido or enredado/meterse en algo
to be/get mixed up with somebody
andar liado/liarse con alguien
don't get mixed up with her
no te líes con ella
2.2 (confuse) to get mixed up
hacerse un lío [colloquial]
Definition of mix in:
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