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American English: /mɑb/
British English: /mɒb/

Translation of mob in Spanish:


  • 1 (crowd)
    Example sentences
    • I feared trouble because the mob was growing restless and violent.
    • Authorities clamped down on new curfews and brought in the army to quell the violence, but angry mobs have been turning on those trying to keep the peace.
    • Instead, a voice-over quoting from telegraph reports briefly mentions some of the mob's racist violence.
    Example sentences
    • Fear of the mob has always been uppermost in the gentry's minds.
    • Unfortunately, the mob was more organized that they expected as freshly reloaded guns began to fire at them.
    • They did it because they had a justified fear of the mob.
  • 2 (gang) [slang] the Mob (US)
    la mafia
    Example sentences
    • Ruby was a strip club owner, and was said to have connections with the Mob.
    • The agency also has been accused of funding con artists and companies linked to the Mob.
    • And though Barry has been one of the Mob's more dependable components, he is as capable of playing as wildly, as out of control, as the rest of them.
  • 3 (unit, group) (British) [slang]
    (+ singular or plural verb)
    sección (feminine)
    grupo (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • She may have been the closest we have to an honest politician at the moment but that's by comparison with the rest of the mob and I'm not entirely convinced by her protestations.
    • He is a fine batsman but it is his gift for words that distinguishes him from the rest of the mob who play cricket and then write about it.

transitive verb present participle mobbing past tense, past participle mobbed

  • 1 (attack)
    atacar en grupo
    Example sentences
    • Swifts will often mob aerial predators such as raptors if they approach a flock.
    • Adult terns come over to mob the predator while the chicks take cover in the high grass or in their nests.
    • They will also mob predators in flight, gathering into tight flocks and dive-bombing a hawk or other predator.
  • 2 (swarm up to)
    Example sentences
    • His focus was on the furniture but he hardly got a chance to look at the stuff on display as ecstatic fans practically mobbed him for autographs.
    • Nearby, a crowd mobbed a man on a pay phone, screaming at him to get off the phone so that they could call relatives.
    • Even before she got out of the airport, she was literally mobbed by the crowd, which included airport staff.
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