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Pronunciation: /muːd/


  • 1 (state of mind) humor (masculine) to be in a good mood estar* de buen humor to be in a bad mood estar* de mal humor or de mal genio the news put him in a good/bad mood la noticia lo puso de buen/mal humor to be in an irritable mood estar* irritable her moods change quickly es muy temperamental, tiene muchos cambios de humor as the mood takes him según de qué humor esté, según le dé (la vena) [colloquial/familiar] a mood of resignation was evident among the players se notaba un clima de resignación entre los jugadores everyone was in festive/party mood todo el mundo estaba con ganas de celebrar/divertirse she can be really witty when she's in the mood tiene mucha chispa cuando está en vena would you like to play cards? — I'm not in the mood ¿quieres jugar a las cartas? — no tengo ganas I'm not in the mood for jokes no estoy (de humor) para chistes I'm not in the mood for dancing no tengo ganas de bailar I'm in no mood to listen to excuses no estoy de humor para excusas she's in a mood o in one of her moods está or anda de mal humor, está alunada (River Plate area/Río de la Plata) [colloquial/familiar]
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    • In this case, a worker may try to dispel a bad mood by suspending work, rather than searching for a new solution.
    • Another way in which emotions and moods affect judgement is the well-known relationship between good mood and overconfidence.
    • Small wonder that your mood and self-esteem are plummeting and you're looking for comfort from food.
  • 2 (atmosphere) atmósfera (feminine), clima (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Painters in turn portrayed the poems, capturing the moods or personality of the characters or themes.
    • Colour couldn't create the mood and tone I was going for: the character is drained of emotion, devoid of attachment to reality, thus there is no colour.
    • The artistry comes when you take someone else's music, and use it to create a mood or an atmosphere, or send people on an aural journey of sorts.

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