There are 2 translations of mortgage in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmɔːrgɪdʒ; ˈmɔːgɪdʒ/


  • (charge) hipoteca (f); (loan) préstamo (m) or crédito (m) hipotecario, hipoteca (f) to pay off a mortgage terminar de pagar una hipoteca, redimir una hipoteca [formal] we've paid off the mortgage on the house hemos terminado de pagar la hipoteca or el préstamo or el crédito de la casamortgage on sth to take out a mortgage on a property hipotecar* una propiedad we've taken out a second mortgage on the house hemos rehipotecado la casa (before n) mortgage arrears atrasos (mpl) en el pago de la hipoteca mortgage broker asesor hipotecario, asesora hipotecaria (m,f) mortgage lender entidad (f) de crédito hipotecario mortgage loan préstamo (m) hipotecario mortgage payment pago (m) de la hipoteca
    More example sentences
    • I own my home with a small amount outstanding on the mortgage.
    • The standard policy reduces the amount covered as the mortgage is paid off so it is cheaper than a level term, which is one constant sum assured for the life of the policy.
    • Much of the sharp rise is being driven by rising house prices, with more than €1 billion in mortgages borrowed each month.

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There are 2 translations of mortgage in Spanish:



  • [house/land] hipotecar* they've mortgaged the country's future han hipotecado el futuro del país
    More example sentences
    • During this time her brother-in-law mortgaged the property, without her knowledge, as security for his own debts, and when he defaulted on the repayments, the bank sought possession of the property.
    • Hjorten and Fuller went without salaries for the project's first year and financed the company by mortgaging their property and by taking on credit-card debt.
    • Mr. Aarts mortgaged this property to provide part of the funds used to purchase the home.

Definition of mortgage in: