There are 2 translations of muddy in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmʌdi/

adj (-dier, -diest)

  • [boots/hands/floor/road] lleno or cubierto de barro or de lodo, enlodado, embarrado; [water] turbio; [green/brown] sucio the river was muddy el río iba revuelto, las aguas del río estaban turbias
    More example sentences
    • It was a rainy day in London; the muddy streets were covered with sheets of icy water when Emma and her companions arrived.
    • As well as the debris scattered around the worktops, muddy footprints covered the whole kitchen.
    • The ground was very muddy, but eventually they planted their crops and their animals began to reproduce.
    More example sentences
    • I think the blue wash that old ladies use looks bright white to them, whereas bright white looks like a dingy, muddy yellow.
    • She is wearing gold loafers that seem oddly bright on the muddy blue carpet.
    • The muddy yellows and dark reds are unfortunate hallmarks of DLP projectors.

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There are 2 translations of muddy in Spanish:


vt (-dies, -dying, -died)

  • 1.1 (make muddy) [floor/carpet] llenar or ensuciar de barro or de lodo, embarrar you've muddied your shoes te has manchado de barro or te has embarrado los zapatos
    More example sentences
    • Here they provide pull-on boot covers, so you don't muddy the floor or have to unlace; a very good idea.
    • It's a good idea to mulch each plant with an inch or so of aquarium gravel to keep soil from muddying the water.
    • We snake on north, eventually forking off the perfect track for a short section that might muddy your boots after rain.
    1.2 (make unclear) [water] enturbiar to muddy the issue enredar or enmarañar las cosas water1 3
    More example sentences
    • I mean, rather than muddy your message along the way, is it better to go with what you know and then make corrections at a later date?
    • Depending on your perspective, he either clarified or muddied the matter.
    • Sometimes court battles muddy an issue more than clarifying it.

Definition of muddy in: