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American English: /neɪl/
British English: /neɪl/

Translation of nail in Spanish:


  • 1 (Building) a nail in somebody's coffinthis failure is another nail in his coffin
    este fracaso es otro paso camino a su derrota
    each cigarette you smoke is another nail in your coffin
    con cada cigarrillo que fumas te vas cavando tu propia fosa
    to be as hard as nails
    ser muy duro (de corazón)
    to hit the nail on the head to pay on the nail [colloquial]
    pagar en el acto
    they paid cash on the nail
    pagaron a toca teja (Spain) [colloquial]
    pagaron taca taca (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
    pagaron chinchin (Chile) (Venezuela) [colloquial]
    pagaron en caliente (y de repente) (Mexico) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I also need a hammer and nails, picture hooks and the step ladder.
    • My grandad was an engineer by trade and we had loads of tools and boxes of nails, screws, hooks and no end of other fixings.
    • Bolts, nails and other metal scrap are dangerously strewn about on the bridges posing threat not only to the pedestrians but to the vehicles as well.
  • 2 (Anatomy) to cut one's nails
    cortarse las uñas
    she bites her nails
    se come las uñas
    (before noun) nail polish or (US) enamel or (British) varnish nail polish or (US) enamel or (British also) varnish remover
    Example sentences
    • Longitudinal striations are accentuated ridges in the nail surface that can occur as a normal part of the aging process.
    • The dorsal fold that lies on the surface of the nail is the eponychium, or cuticle.
    • Some of those patients had toenails so thick that they had outgrown the average nail clipper long ago.

transitive verb

  • 1 (fix) sheer panic nailed him to the spot
    se quedó clavado en el sitio de puro pánico
    Example sentences
    • Secure each additional board to the furring strips by nailing diagonally through the top edge of the tongue.
    • Boards nailed on tree trunks frequently advertise computer training institutes, he said.
    • So the shelter was finished, the tin roof nailed down and the walls re-enforced.
  • 2 [colloquial] 2.1 (apprehend)
    trincar (Spain) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The police, through hours and hours and hours of work, nailed that criminal.
    • The only people who can nail the perpetrators are the reporters who heard the leaks.
    • Detectives hunting a gunman who executed a father-of-three in a gangland murder have appealed to the criminal underworld to help nail the killer.
    2.2 (obtain, secure)
    hacerse con [colloquial]
    you nailed it!
    ¡le acertaste!
    2.3 (expose)
    poner al descubierto
    Example sentences
    • The Clerk of the Senate nailed that lie five years ago when he pointed out the Constitution makes clear federal law takes precedence over state law.
    • Let me finally nail the lie that service pensions are free.
    • Must we wait another twenty years to nail this other lie to the wall as by then it will be too late for this radio station.
    (US) (Sport)
    (in league) eliminar
    Example sentences
    • He held a narrow 8-7 advantage at the first bell, but turned on the style in the second round and nailed his opponent with some brilliant combinations.
    • The object is to hit your opponent while avoiding being nailed yourself.
    • The sharpshooter kept the West in the game down the stretch, nailing a couple jumpers to keep the score close.

Phrasal verbs

nail down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
asegurar con clavos
establecer con certeza
3 (person)see if you can nail him down on this issue
a ver si logras que te dé una respuesta concreta sobre este asunto
to nail somebody down to somethingwe must nail them down to a precise date
tenemos que hacer que se comprometan a una fecha concreta

nail up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
cerrar con clavos
condenar (cerrando con tablas)
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