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Pronunciation: /naɪs/

adjective/adjetivo (nicer, nicest)

  • 1 1.1 (kind, amiable) amable; (kind-hearted) bueno; (friendly) simpático you're too nice te pasas de bueno [colloquial/familiar] he's a very nice person es muy buena persona, es muy majo (Spain/España) [colloquial/familiar] she did it in the nicest possible way lo hizo con mucha delicadezato be nice about sth it was entirely our fault, but he was very nice about it fue todo por culpa nuestra, pero él estuvo muy comprensivo to be nice to sb ser amable con algn, tratar bien a algn she's very nice to me es muy amable conmigo, me trata muy bien how nice of you to ask us muchas gracias por invitarnos Mr Nice Guy Don Perfecto
    More example sentences
    • I was very nice to the guy who called, after all, he was just the survey taker.
    • The girls loved Chris, the guys were cool with him, and he was relatively nice to every person he met.
    • I wasn't going to be mean, because he was too nice of a person to make a snappy comment towards.
    1.2 (attractive, appealing) [place/dress/face] bonito, lindo (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) ; [food] bueno, rico you look very nice today! (to a woman) ¡estás muy guapa or bonita hoy!, ¡estás or te ves muy linda hoy! (Latin America/América Latina) (to a man) ¡estás muy guapo hoy!, ¡estás or te ves muy buen mozo hoy! (Latin America/América Latina) you look very nice in that suit ese traje te queda muy bien the fish is very nice el pescado está muy bueno or rico the soup smells nice la sopa huele bien this is a nice mess we're in! [ironic] ¡nos hemos metido en una buena! [irónico] 1.3 (enjoyable) [walk/surprise] agradable, lindo (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) did you have a nice vacation? ¿disfrutaste de las vacaciones? it's nice to have met you me alegro de or [formal] es un placer haberlo conocido
  • 2 (as intensifier/como palabra enfática) I had a nice hot shower me di una buena ducha caliente her apartment is nice and cozy/sunny tiene un apartamento muy or de lo más acogedor/muy or de lo más soleado nice and slow bien despacito
  • 3 (respectable, decent) he seemed such a nice boy parecía tan buen chico it isn't a very nice area es un barrio bastante feo
  • 4 (skilful) [move/shot/job] bueno nice work! ¡así me gusta!, ¡bien hecho!
    More example sentences
    • If estate agents were in charge, there'd be none of this - it'd be something nice, pleasant and attractive.
    • The majority of men will always find images of attractive women nice to look at.
    • The film is billed as a romance, but the two travellers spend too long exchanging pleasantries and being nice to each other to get any sparks going.
  • 5 5.1 (fine, subtle) [distinction/point/detail] sutil, fino 5.2 (discriminating) [literary/literario] lúcido
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    • But she is nice and coy.
    • The figure of Justice, you know, is represented with a balance to weigh out to every one his due, with nice and scrupulous exactness.
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    • It is not the sort of nonsense that can arise even in the best system of law out of the need to draw nice distinctions between borderline cases.
    • In fact, I doubt that the nice distinction which Mr Mostyn sought to draw will be capable of identification in most cases.
    More example sentences
    • I think you really made a nice point.
    • It is a nice point, and it is for that reason that I am anxious to obtain your opinion.

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