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Pronunciation: /naɪt/


  • 1 1.1 countable/numerable (period of darkness) noche (feminine) the (Tales of the) Thousand and One Nights (los cuentos de) las mil y una noches at this time of night a estas horas de la noche all night (long) toda la noche at night por la noche, de noche it was eleven o'clock at night eran las once de la noche it rained during the night llovió durante la noche she woke up in the middle of the night se despertó por la noche or durante la noche long into the night hasta muy entrada la noche night after night noche tras noche night and day día y noche to be on o do o work nights trabajar de noche last night anoche the night before last anteanoche, antenoche (Latin America/América Latina) we stayed (for) the night nos quedamos a dormir we spent the night in/at a hotel dormimos en un hotel we looked for a place to spend o stay the night buscamos un lugar dónde dormir to spend a sleepless night pasar una noche en vela or en blanco to have a good/bad night pasar (una) buena/mala noche to have a late/an early night acostarse* tarde/temprano (before noun/delante del nombre) [flight/patrol] nocturno night depository o (British English/inglés británico) safe caja (feminine) de depósitos nocturnos the night shift el turno nocturno or de la noche the night sky el cielo nocturno
    More example sentences
    • At night the sky had been swept clean of clouds and the stars were blazing in the moonless night.
    • She loved starry nights, sunrises and sunsets, the moon, snow… her list could go on and on.
    • She loved going in there at night, especially on nights that the moon was full and shining brightly through the glass sun room.
    1.2 uncountable/no numerable (darkness) [literary/literario] he disappeared into the night desapareció en la oscuridad de la noche night fell cayó la noche [literary/literario] as black as night oscuro como una boca de lobo
    More example sentences
    • Into the web we went, deeper and deeper into the night and into the darkness of the maze.
  • 2 countable/numerable (evening) noche (feminine) last night anoche, ayer por la noche on the night of the party la noche de la fiesta a night on the town una noche de juerga we haven't had a night out for ages hace muchísimo que no salimos por la noche first night [Theater/Teatro] noche (feminine) del estreno it'll be all right on the night al final todo saldrá bien to make a night of it [colloquial/familiar] why don't we make a night of it and go dancing? ¿por qué no nos vamos a bailar para completarla? [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • Last night's Eastern Evening News has predicted that I will win North Norfolk.
    • Last night at dinner my Mother was talking about her arrangements to go down to Cork on Tuesday.
    • On Friday night Chris approached us to do a skit for all the delegates after dinner on the last night.
  • 3
    (nights (as adverb/como adverbio))
    por las noches

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