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American English: /noʊt/
British English: /nəʊt/

Translation of note in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (record, reminder) to make a note of something
    anotar or apuntar algo
    she made a mental note of it
    tomó nota de ello mentalmente
    to make notes
    hacer anotaciones
    to take notes
    tomar apuntes or notas
    lecture notes
    apuntes (masculine plural) de clase
    to compare notes
    cambiar impresiones
    Example sentences
    • I was taking notes during the brief but my pen went dry midway through.
    • University is not just about sitting in lectures and taking notes, then going over to the library to do essays.
    • Yes, just taking notes can trigger your memory and revive all those important points.
    1.2 (comment) marginal notes
    anotaciones (feminine plural) al margen
    notas (feminine plural) al margen
    acotaciones (feminine plural)
    she wrote the catalogue notes
    escribió el comentario del catálogo
    Example sentences
    • The typeface has been chosen well and the use of lavender print in the word headings and margin notes makes this book a delight to read and to own.
    • It could be best described as a selection of readings accompanied with annotations and explanatory notes.
    • Each of the plays Shaver includes, however, is thoroughly annotated with explanatory notes that will ease the introduction of these texts into the classroom.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (message) leave a note on the door
    deja una nota or un recado en la puerta
    Example sentences
    • I went back through to the kitchen and wrote a short note explaining what was on the disc.
    • I've kept everything: his letters, little notes and the messages he would write in his books.
    • You wrote a short handwritten note, which explained to me how, where and when to deliver the feedback to the external examiner.
    2.2 (official communication) (Politics)
    Example sentences
    • France sent a diplomatic note to the Thai government, detailing a series of demands.
    • The PNG government sent a second diplomatic note on April 7, again demanding an apology.
    • Mexico's foreign minister says he sent a diplomatic note to the United States protesting the law.
    also: promissory note
    Example sentences
    • Donnie dug into his pocket and pulled out a ten-pound note and handed it over.
    • Even if A pays notes and coins into an account - typically not the case - it is basic law that that money is the bank's own, to use as it wishes.
    • He then pulled out a wad of $100 and $50 notes before paying the bill and leaving a $3 tip.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (Music) to end something on a high note
    terminar algo por todo lo alto or a lo grande
    cerrar algo con un broche de oro
    Example sentences
    • Students will need to be able to play blocked seventh chords in one hand while playing single notes in the other hand, and read treble and bass clefs.
    • Some singers astonished the judges with their amazing control over their voice as they got tested in the nuances of musical notes in various ragas.
    • When a bow is drawn across a string, the result might be a musical note at the desired pitch, but on the other hand it might be an undesirable whistle, screech or graunch.
    Example sentences
    • All this talk that one shouldn't change a single note in a score is nonsense.
    • Beneath the portraits and guitars is a rose of musical notes, symbolizing Elvis' lifelong love of music.
    • For a 14-year-old, just looking at the swirling and overlapping musical notes was daunting.
    Example sentences
    • Roman and italic type started to be used together in the same line at the same time black notes began to accompany white notes on the piano, both products of the same Baroque mindset.
    • It has also set a pattern before us of five black and seven white notes not to be argued with.
    • Chapters cover finding notes on the piano, hand positioning and an introduction to rhythm and musical notation.
    3.2 (tone) it strikes a familiar note
    suena conocido
    his remark struck a discordant note
    su comentario dio la nota discordante
    he struck just the right note
    dio con el tono justo
    there was a note of weariness in her voice
    su voz tenía un dejo de cansancio
    su voz tenía un deje de cansancio (Spain)
    do I detect a note of sarcasm?
    ¿no hay allí una pizca de sarcasmo?
    if I may sound a note of caution …
    si se me permite llamar a la precaución …
    the evening ended on a sad note
    la velada terminó con una nota triste
    3.3 (element, hint)
    Example sentences
    • On a final note, the physical quality of paperbound edition I own leaves much to be desired.
    • Improbably yet convincingly, the film ends on an optimistic note.
    • With his eye already on the future, and in particular on next year's World Cup, it was no surprise though to hear Woodward hit an optimistic note.
  • 5 uncountable 5.1 (importance, interest) a surgeon of note
    un cirujano de renombre
    un eminente cirujano
    nothing of (any) note came of their research
    su investigación no produjo resultados de particular interés
    nothing worthy of note
    nada digno de mención
    5.2 (attention) take note of what he says
    toma nota de or presta atención a lo que dice
    I shall take full note of your objections
    tendré muy en cuenta sus objeciones

transitive verb

  • 1 (observe, notice) I have noted your objections
    he tomado (debida) nota de sus objeciones
    note the red markings on its head
    fíjense en or observen las manchas rojas de la cabeza
    to note that
    observar or notar que
    will customers kindly note that smoking is not permitted
    se les recuerda a los señores clientes que está prohibido fumar
    Example sentences
    • We were both wearing our best clothes at the time so my mother was not pleased to note our bedraggled appearance on our return home.
    • They picked up their lists (please note the plural) of questions and the interview began.
    • I note the provision for notice of requirement for public documents.
  • 2 (record)
    we asked for the decision to be noted in the minutes
    pedimos que la decisión constara en acta
    Example sentences
    • Flow charts are made, every progress in the investigation is meticulously noted down.
    • It is noted down on my - all the transfer documents are in the affidavit, your Honour.
    • I'm not sure how much of a difference this makes, but I'm happy to note it for the record.

Phrasal verbs

note down

verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb
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