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American English: /ˈnoʊdəs/
British English: /ˈnəʊtɪs/

Translation of notice in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (written sign) to put up a notice
    poner un letrero or aviso
    Example sentences
    • Information notices will be attached to the bus stops in advance of the work so as to advise users of the temporary arrangements.
    • The college posted huge notices informing students and staff that there would be a three minute silence.
    • The shop posted a written notice informing its customers that no invalid bills will be accepted after July 1.
    1.2 (item of information) the birth/marriage notices (Journalism)
    los anuncios de nacimientos/matrimonios
    los avisos de nacimientos/matrimonios (Latin America)
    the death notices
    los avisos fúnebres
    las esquelas (mortuorias)
    las necrológicas
    1.3 (review)
    Example sentences
    • Nationwide, Cason's book inspired reviews and notices in many leading newspapers and periodicals.
    • The latest volume in this series contains six original essays, a lengthy review article, and a number of book notices.
    • We all know how book blurbs and theatre notices can, by careful editing, turn critical comments into a rave review.
  • 2 uncountable (attention) it has come/been brought to my notice that … [formal]
    ha llegado a mi conocimiento que …/se me ha señalado que … [formal]
    it was never brought to his notice
    no se le dijo nada al respecto
    no se le advirtió al respecto
    his talent brought him to the notice of several directors
    su talento hizo que varios directores repararan en él
    the error escaped my notice
    no me di cuenta or no me percaté del error
    el error se me pasó por alto
    to take notice (of something)take special notice of these instructions
    preste especial atención a estas instrucciones
    we told her to stop but she took no notice
    le dijimos que parara pero no hizo caso
    don't take any notice of him
    no le hagas caso
    this will make them sit up and take notice
    esto hará que presten atención
    these figures finally made them sit up and take notice
    estas cifras finalmente hicieron que se fijaran en el problema
    Example sentences
    • Cases like these have not come to my notice but if there really are such instances, we will definitely take action.
    • Since then it has come to my notice how little is being done to make shopping easier for disabled people in the way of access to goods in some stores.
    • The word ‘despicable’ is mild in comparison with other descriptions that have come to my notice.
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (notification) without prior notice until further notice I can't drop everything at a moment's notice
    no puedo abandonarlo todo así, de un momento a otro
    I'll try and get there, but it's rather short notice [colloquial]
    procuraré estar allí, pero me avisas con muy poca antelación or anticipación
    it's impossible to do it at such short notice
    es imposible hacerlo a tan corto plazo
    to give two months' notice
    avisar con dos meses de antelación or anticipación
    notice of something/to + infinitivewe require at least two days' notice of any changes
    cualquier cambio nos debe ser comunicado con por lo menos dos días de antelación or anticipación
    you had plenty of notice of our arrival
    nuestra llegada le fue comunicada con bastante antelación or anticipación
    they gave us clear notice of their intentions
    nos señalaron claramente cuáles eran sus intenciones
    official notice of redundancies has now been given
    los despidos han sido notificados oficialmente
    to serve notice on somebody
    notificar a alguien
    Example sentences
    • We are looking forward to a good entry and hope this advance notice will allow producers of breeding sheep to get together a healthy entry.
    • The tenant charged the premises without giving notice, and allowed the specified date to pass without making the reconstruction.
    • That is, it's something that happened and could happen again without notice or warning.
    3.2 (of termination of employment) I have to give (the company) a month's notice
    tengo que dar un mes de preaviso
    she was given (her) notice
    la despidieron
    to give or hand in one's notice
    presentar su ( or mi etc. ) renuncia or dimisión
    to work (out) one's notice (British)
    trabajar el tiempo de preaviso (desde la renuncia hasta la fecha acordada)
    Example sentences
    • If you leave before you get formal notice of redundancy, you are unlikely to be entitled to any statutory payment.
    • The employee was given his notice of redundancy on Friday, June 6.
    • During this time other managers at the centre also decided to leave voluntarily and gave notice to terminate their employment.

transitive verb

  • I didn't notice anything strange
    no noté nada extraño
    did you notice the scar on his cheek?
    ¿te fijaste en or notaste la cicatriz que tenía en la mejilla?
    notice the interesting decoration above the door
    fíjense en or observen el interesante decorado sobre la puerta
    he pretended not to notice me
    hizo como si no me hubiera visto
    I managed to sneak out without being noticed
    logré escabullirme sin que nadie se diera cuenta
    to get oneself noticed he's the sort of person you wouldn't notice in a crowd
    es el tipo de persona que pasa desapercibida or en la cual uno no repara entre un grupo de gente
    I noticed (that) he had been crying
    noté que había estado llorando
    me di cuenta de que había estado llorando
    advertí que había estado llorando [literary]
    have you noticed that he never offers to help?
    ¿te has dado cuenta de que nunca se ofrece a ayudar?
    I notice you've bought a jacket
    veo que te has comprado una chaqueta
    I couldn't help noticing that …
    no pude menos que notar que…
    did you happen to notice whether he was there?
    ¿por casualidad viste si estaba allí?
    did you notice who that was/what they were doing?
    ¿te diste cuenta de quién era/de qué estaban haciendo?
    to notice somebody/something + infinitive/-ingnobody noticed him put it in his pocket
    nadie lo vio ponérselo en el bolsillo
    I noticed water dripping from the ceiling
    noté que caían gotas de agua del techo

intransitive verb

  • 1 (realize, observe)
    darse cuenta
    I pretended not to notice
    hice como si no me diera cuenta
    he did it without my noticing
    lo hizo sin que me diera cuenta
    Example sentences
    • He noticed the youth was wearing dark clothes and there was a helmet lying on the road.
    • He was trying to concentrate on each miserable step forward; and so he didn't notice the gang of youths until he'd bumped into one of them.
    • Deep in his thoughts, Luther did not notice the drunk that was approaching him.
  • 2 (show) [colloquial]
    it hardly notices
    apenas se nota
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