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American English: /naʊ/
British English: /naʊ/


  • 1 1.1 (at this time) I feel better now
    ahora me siento mejor
    the suspect is now leaving the building
    ahora or en este momento el sospechoso sale del edificio
    they've all gone home now
    ya se han ido todos a casa
    you can come in now
    ya puedes entrar
    it won't be long now before we're there they'll be here any minute now
    en cualquier momento llegan
    están al caer [colloquial]
    now is the time to decide
    este es el momento de decidir
    now's your chance
    esta es tu oportunidad
    Example sentences
    • In my world view, this life we are living right now is all we have, and thus every moment of it should be enjoyed.
    • So it seems right now that we are in a moment when the future is still unborn and the past is not quite dead.
    • I am not interested in coaching at the moment, and can't say right now if I ever will be.
    1.2 (at that time) now was the moment they'd been waiting for
    ese era el momento que habían estado esperando
    it was now too late to change
    ya era demasiado tarde para cambiar
    1.3 (nowadays, in those days) divorce is a lot easier now
    hoy en día or ahora es mucho más fácil divorciarse
    food is/was now scarce
    ahora escasea/para entonces ya escaseaba la comida
    1.4 (in phrases) (every) now and then or again for now
    por ahora
    por el momento
    now … , now … (showing alternation)
    de repente … , de repente …
    ora … , ora … [literary]
  • 2 2.1 (at once, immediately) ready? now!
    ¿listos? ¡ya!
    it's now or never!
    ¡ahora o nunca!
    Example sentences
    • Go through this and a wide tarmac lane is now followed straight ahead for the next half a mile or so all the way back to Disley.
    • City of York Council must now go directly to the people of York, and ask them which system they want to see.
    • Much of the company's effort will now be directed towards trying to retain the franchise.
    2.2 (in phrases) just nowhe left just now
    acaba de irse
    he's talking to a client just now
    en este momento está hablando con un cliente
    right now
    (immediately) inmediatamente
    ahora mismo
    (at present) ahora mismo
    en este momento
  • 3 (to follow that) what shall I do now?
    ¿ahora qué hago?
    and now for a well-earned rest
    y ahora un merecido descanso
  • 4 (in the circumstances) I could never trust her now
    ahora ya no podría tenerle confianza
    Example sentences
    • Her condition has deteriorated recently, and she now struggles to walk up stairs.
    • How long that majority will remain in current circumstances must now be open to doubt.
    • I can see their expression and hear their tone of voice now, clear as anything.
  • 5 5.1 (showing length of time) we've been living here for 40 years now
    ya hace 40 años que vivimos aquí
    llevamos 40 años viviendo aquí
    Example sentences
    • It's down for an unprecedented length of time now and it's keeping people away from our centre.
    • You've been awake for four seconds now and already your frame of reference has vanished.
    • It's been a disgrace for three or four years now and the residents and people who have to use it deserve better.
    5.2 (after prep) he'd have called before now
    ya habría llamado
    I'd always thought it impossible before now
    hasta ahora había pensado que era imposible
    the work should have been completed long before now
    ya hace tiempo que debería haberse terminado el trabajo
    between now and Friday
    de aquí al viernes
    she should be here by now
    ya debería estar aquí
    the by now furious customer said that …
    el cliente, que a estas alturas ya estaba furioso, dijo que …
    starting from now 100 years from now
    dentro de 100 años
    from now on(ward) (up) until or till now, up to now
  • 6 6.1 (indicating pause, transition) now, who's next?
    bueno ¿ahora a quién le toca?
    now, the reason we've done this is …
    ahora or bueno, la razón por la cual hemos hecho esto es …
    6.2 (introducing statement or question) now that's what I call real food!
    ¡eso sí que es comida como Dios manda!
    now where did I put my book?
    ¿dónde habré puesto el libro?
    6.3 (emphasizing command, request, warning, advice) now look here!
    ¡espera un momento!
    now are you coming or not?
    bueno ¿vienes o no?
    don't get me wrong, now!
    no me vayas a malinterpretar
    now, you mustn't get upset
    6.4 (in phrases) now, now
    ¡vamos, vamos!
    now thennow then, what's going on here?
    vamos a ver ¿qué es lo que pasa aquí?
    now then! be careful how you talk to me
    ¡cuidadito cómo me hablas!
    ¡ojo cómo me hablas! [colloquial]
    now then, if we're all here, let's start


  • now (that)
    ahora que
    now (that) it's stopped raining, we can go out
    ahora que ha parado de llover, podemos salir
    Example sentences
    • Presumably now the formaldehyde has cleared from his brain, he has woken up to the meaning of what he said.
    • Lee Ryan is happy that he is free to speak his mind now that he is embarking on a solo career apart from Blue.
    • Will he be prompted to give up his criminal activities now that he can afford to live in luxury?


  • 2 (up-to-date) [colloquial] (styles/sounds)
    del momento
    en onda [colloquial]
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There are 2 entries that translate now into Spanish:

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Pronunciation: /naʊ/


  • (in US)
    National Organization for Women
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Cultural Note: National Organization for Women - NOW

Una importante organización en EEUU que lucha por los derechos de la mujer. NOW fue fundada en 1966, por la escritora feminista Betty Friedan. Tiene alrededor de 250.000 miembros.