Translation of nudge in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /nʌdʒ/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (touch gently) codear (ligeramente) I nudged him as she entered the room lo codeé (ligeramente) cuando ella entró 1.2 (move, guide) empujar suavemente to nudge sb toward/into sth empujar a algn hacia/a algo
    More example sentences
    • The Chinese Central Bank nudged its currency higher against the dollar last week by 2 percent.
    • I find a large spoon helps here, and then you can gently nudge the latke off the spoon into the oil.
    • So I nudged the carton a little bit to push it away from the door and then I heard something splat.
    More example sentences
    • I think physicians are being nudged back in that direction, and I am very encouraged by that.
    • Laurie took a deep breath and then nudged her horse into a canter.
    • "This one'll do, " Avery whispered, nudging the horse forward.
    1.3 (approach) rondar unemployment is nudging 50% in some areas el desempleo está rondando el 50% en algunas zonas
    More example sentences
    • Those with long memories may recall that the share price was nudging the 100p level some 15 years ago.
    • That level of indebtedness is nudging towards 65 percent of our gross domestic product.
    • Further violence threatens to push the oil price - which is nudging towards record levels owing to unrest in the Middle East - even higher.


  • golpe (masculine) (suave) con el codo to give sb/sth a nudge darle* un golpe (suave) con el codo a algn/algo they still haven't paid: it's time to give them a little nudge todavía no han pagado, hay que refrescarles la memoria nudge nudge (, wink wink) (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] [humorous/humorístico] tú ya sabes

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