Translation of obstruction in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /əbˈstrʌkʃən/


  • 1 u 1.1 (act) obstrucción (f)
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    • What is unhealthy is the growing habit of obstruction, delay and occasional flat refusal to co-operate.
    • For the administration and its conservative allies, the United Nations represents embarrassment and obstruction.
    • Remember, snoring means obstructed breathing, and obstruction can be serious.
    1.2 [Sport] obstrucción (f)
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    • Melvin, too, was informed that the only player guilty of obstruction was Lopez.
    • After four minutes Barnhall were awarded a penalty when a Naas player was penalised for obstruction.
    • It's true that less obstruction helps all players and speeds up the game.
  • 2 c (in traffic, pipeline) obstrucción (f); [Med] obstrucción (f), oclusión (f); (to plans) obstáculo (m), impedimento (m) move on please: you're causing an obstruction circule: está obstruyendo el paso we encountered one obstruction after another encontramos un obstáculo or impedimento tras otroan obstruction to sth an obstruction to traffic una obstrucción del tráfico a serious obstruction to progress un serio obstáculo al progreso
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    • The nylon line that anglers use frequently breaks when hooks become snagged on underwater obstructions or bankside vegetation.
    • Check for depth and obstructions before diving, then go in feet first for the initial try.
    • Because there had been no trains on the line for two days because of Christmas he was checking for fallen trees or other obstructions.
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    • A thorough examination of the head and neck should be performed to look for obstruction, inflammation and infection.
    • An infectious cause should be suspected in children with signs and symptoms of airway obstruction accompanied by a prodromal illness or fever.
    • Intestinal strictures and bowel obstruction may develop in patients with refractory sprue or celiac disease that has been untreated over a long period.
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    • Meetings and marches are subject to the laws prohibiting obstruction of the highway, public nuisance, and trespass, and to local authority by-laws.
    • The dictionary meaning of gridlock is obstruction of traffic caused by queues of vehicles forming across a junction and causing further queues to form in the intersecting streets.
    • The council decided this caused obstruction to traffic and painted yellow lines down both sides.

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