Translation of obvious in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈɑːbviəs; ˈɒbviəs/


  • 1.1 (evident, clear) [answer/solution] obvio, lógico; [advantage/implication/difference] obvio, claro his disappointment was obvious su decepción era evidente or palpable we've made a big mistake — that's obvious o that much is obvious hemos cometido un gran error — eso está claro or es obvio the obvious thing to do is … no cabe duda de que lo que hay que hacer es … if there is a connection, it's not at all obvious to me si es que hay alguna relación, yo no la veo nada clara it was perfectly obvious that she was lying no cabía la menor duda de que estaba mintiendo, estaba clarísimo que mentía it was obvious to anyone that it was too heavy cualquiera se hubiera dado cuenta de que pesaba demasiado it was obvious to us that something was wrong nos dábamos perfecta cuenta or nos resultaba obvio que algo iba mal it's by no means obvious who'll succeed her no está nada claro quién tomará su puesto it's obvious the thieves got in through the window está claro que los ladrones entraron por la ventana they made it very obvious (that) they hadn't enjoyed the party hicieron muy patente el hecho que no les había gustado la fiesta
    More example sentences
    • When you look at these two options in this light, doesn't the answer seem glaringly obvious?
    • The Great Bars are dying because of fear and bad science, but the solutions seem pretty obvious.
    • All have been glaringly obvious for years, but has Davies done anything about any of them?
    1.2 (unmistakable) (before noun/delante del nombre) it's an obvious lie/copy es claramente mentira/una copia, es una burda mentira/copia she's the obvious candidate for the job es la candidata indiscutible or obvia para el puesto he has no obvious successor no tiene un sucesor claro or ningún sucesor aparente
    More example sentences
    • Even those who like their comedy gently done are likely to find this too flimsy and obvious.
    • He had made it painfully obvious that she no longer belonged in his world.
    • The casting somehow manages to be terribly clever and terribly obvious at the same time.
    1.3 (unsubtle) it was such an obvious ploy el ardid era tan evidente or obvio try to hear what they are saying, but don't be too obvious about it trata de oír lo que dicen, pero con disimulo


  • to say we're alarmed would be stating the obvious de más está decir or huelga decir que estamos alarmados, decir que estamos alarmados no es ninguna novedad

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