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Pronunciation: /ˈɑːkjəpaɪ; ˈɒkjʊpaɪ/

vt (-pies, -pying, -pied)

  • 1 1.1 [offices/site/compartment/position] ocupar this seat is occupied este asiento está ocupado 1.2 [post/rank] ocupar
  • 2 [country/town/factory/premises] ocupar occupying forces fuerzas (fpl) de ocupación
  • 3 [space/attention] ocupar ; [time] llevar , ocupar the meeting occupied the entire day la reunión les ( or nos etc) llevó or ocupó todo el día it doesn't occupy much space no ocupa mucho espacio it's important to keep your mind occupied es importante mantener la mente ocupada she was occupied with her accounts estaba ocupada con sus cuentas to keep sb occupied mantener* a algn ocupado that should keep them occupied! ¡eso los mantendrá ocupados! writing that letter kept me occupied all afternoon escribir esa carta me tuvo ocupada toda la tarde to occupy oneself ocupar el tiempo, entretenerse* I occupied myself by reading a newspaper ocupé el tiempo or me entretuve leyendo un periódico

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