Translation of offend in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /əˈfend/


  • 1.1 (hurt feelings of) ofender I am sorry if I have offended you in any way perdona si te he ofendido de alguna manera she was mortally offended at not being invited se ofendió muchísimo porque no la invitaron many people were deeply offended by this remark mucha gente se sintió muy ofendida por este comentario don't be offended, but … no te vayas a ofender, pero … he's easily offended es muy susceptible to offend the eye/ear hacer* daño a la vista/al oído
    More example sentences
    • We too have strong convictions, we too can be offended, insulted and annoyed, and we have to say we're not going to put up with it.
    • If it was any other person, I would have been offended and annoyed that someone should try and exert such force over me.
    • I appreciate that this is a very emotive and difficult subject to discuss openly, and I therefore apologise unreservedly if any part of my opinion has upset or offended you.
    1.2 (violate) their behavior offends one's sense of decency/justice su conducta atenta contra el sentido que cualquiera tiene de la moral/justicia his argument offends reason su argumento va en contra de toda razón


  • 1.1 (cause displeasure) [person/action/remark] ofender 1.2
    (offending pres p)
    he rewrote it without the offending paragraph volvió a escribirlo omitiendo el párrafo que había causado controversia the offending smell el desagradable olor
    1.3 (violate) to offend against sth atentar contra algo these pictures offend against good taste esos cuadros atentan contra el buen gusto
    More example sentences
    • They are laws which offend against the principle of autonomy and they are laws which place both doctors and patients at risk.
    • There are occasions when closed courts can be justified, although they offend against the principle that justice must be seen to be done.
    • Evidence so admitted does not offend against the general rule.
    1.4 [Law] [formal] infringir* la ley ( or el reglamento etc); (criminally) cometer un delito, delinquir* [formal] to offend again reincidir
    More example sentences
    • I'm very confident that we are making a big difference these days into the lives of young people who are likely to commit crimes and to offend.
    • In many cases where young boys sexually offend there was a family history of emotional, sexual and physical abuse.
    • The project has been introduced to help police solve crimes and deter criminals from further offending.
    More example sentences
    • Food allergies are untreatable, and people with these allergies must avoid offending foods, which can be impossible.
    • Call me rigidly European, but it offends my sense of food order.
    • He concluded that 52 per cent of sufferers had reported a significant reduction of their symptoms after changing their diet to remove offending foods from their diets.

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