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Pronunciation: /ˈɔːfər; ˈɒfə(r)/

Translation of offer in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (proffer) ofrecer* she offered them tea les ofreció té may I offer you a drink? ¿quisiera beber algo? I offered him my hand, but he refused it le tendí la mano, pero la rechazó may I offer you some advice? ¿puedo darle or ofrecerle un consejo? I offered it to several people se lo ofrecí a varias personas she offered her resignation puso su cargo a disposición del presidente ( or de su jefe etc) I was offered a good price for the painting me ofrecieron un buen precio por el cuadro 1.2 (show willingness) to offer to + infinitive/infinitivo ofrecerse* a + infinitive/infinitivo he never offers to help nunca se ofrece a ayudar she offered to pay for the damage se ofreció a pagar los daños I could help you, she offered —si quieres te ayudo —dijo ofreciéndose
  • 2 (put forward) [idea/solution] proponer*, sugerir*; [excuse/alibi] presentar if I may offer an opinion, … si se me permite ofrecer or expresar una opinión … he never even offered any suggestions ni siquiera hizo ninguna sugerencia
    Example sentences
    • This act reminds me of a kindly uncle who offers to read the children a bedtime story, and chooses Dracula.
    • Two men driving a blue Transit van with ladders on its roof called to the home of the elderly couple offering to fix their guttering.
    • After demolishing theirs, it became apparent that ours was in a perilous condition and he very kindly offered to help remedy the situation.
  • 3 (provide) [reward] ofrecer*; [opportunity] brindar, ofrecer* we offer a wide range of models ofrecemos una amplia gama de modelos candidates must offer at least two years' experience/two languages los candidatos deben poseer dos años de experiencia/hablar dos idiomas como mínimo to have sth to offer tener* algo que ofrecer
    Example sentences
    • Digitization offered new opportunities to providing access to these collections.
    • We will also be offering opportunities for further career training for some of the young people.
    • It is a highly rewarding career, offering unlimited opportunities but requires a high degree of commitment, dedication and hard work.
  • 4 (give, show) [resistance] ofrecer*, oponer* to offer battle presentar batalla
    Example sentences
    • He said he hoped the people to whom the appeal's cash was offered would accept hand-outs in the spirit in which they were meant.
    • It just said I was being considered and would I accept it if they offered it me.
    • At present, most schools offer bursaries to children talented in music, sport or the arts.
    Example sentences
    • Iraqi tanks came under withering fire, and Iraqi troops once again offered little resistance.
    • In the gorge the remnants of the Taliban lines offered little resistance.
    • Rosenborg should, on the face of it, offer little resistance to Madrid's progress to the quarter-finals.
  • 5

    offer (up)

    [prayers/sacrifice] ofrecer*
    Example sentences
    • If our prayer is offered up in full faith, we are assured, that it will be efficacious.
    • On the next day when he offered the prayer they all offered it up with him and it was again talked about on the following morning.
    • In order to calm a sea monster that hid on the bottom of the sea, a girl was offered up as a sacrifice each year.

reflexive verb/verbo reflexivo

  • to offer itself [opportunity] presentarse

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (present itself) [opportunity] presentarse 1.2 (show willingness) ofrecerse* I didn't ask him and he never offered no se lo pedí y él tampoco se ofreció 1.3 (make offer of marriage) [archaic] to offer to sb proponerle* matrimonio a algn
    Example sentences
    • James, refusing the advice of his senior staff to withdraw to the Shannon, offered William battle.


  • 1 1.1 (proposal— of job, money) oferta (feminine); (— of help, mediation) ofrecimiento (masculine) the offer still stands la oferta sigue en pie thank you for your kind offer gracias por su amable ofrecimiento she refused his offer of a drink rechazó la copa que le ofrecía they refused my offer of the car no quisieron que les prestara el coche an offer of marriage una proposición matrimonial or de matrimonio I've had the offer of a job in Rome me han ofrecido un trabajo en Roma share offer emisión (feminine) de acciones or títulos the windows need cleaning: any offers? hay que limpiar las ventanas: ¿quién se ofrece? to make sb an offer they can't refuse hacerle* una oferta muy tentadora a algn 1.2 (bid) oferta (feminine) offers around $80,000 considered se considerarán ofertas de alrededor de 80.000 dólares $650 or nearest offer 650 dólares negociables or a convenir go on, make me an offer anda, ofréceme algo or hazme una oferta
  • 3on offer (British English/inglés británico) 3.1 (available) there's not much on offer at this year's fair no hay mucho para comprar en la feria de este año there are several good jobs on offer in the paper hay varias ofertas de empleo interesantes en el periódico 3.2 (at reduced price) de oferta coffee is on offer this week el café está de or en oferta esta semana
  • 4under offer (British English/inglés británico) [property/house][ reservado y a la espera de firmarse la escritura de compraventa ]

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