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American English: /wən/
British English: /wʌn/

Translation of one in Spanish:


, ,
  • 1 1.1 (number) one followed by six zeros
    la unidad seguida de seis ceros
    the hill is one in five
    la cuesta tiene un gradiente del 20%
    has anybody got five ones?
    ¿alguien tiene cinco billetes de un dólar ( or un peso etc)?
    to be at one with somebody/something
    estar en paz or en armonía con alguien/algo
    she seemed quite at one with herself
    parecía estar totalmente en paz consigo misma
    see also four
    1.2 (elliptical use) See examples: he's nearly one
    tiene casi un año
    it's nearly one
    es casi la una
    it was interesting in more ways than one
    fue interesante en más de un sentido/en muchos sentidos
    there's enough left for one
    queda bastante para una persona
    the chances are one in a million
    la probabilidad es de uno en un millón
    she really is one in a million
    es única
    como ella no hay dos
    I only want the one
    solo quiero uno/una
    did you see many horses/cows? — one or two
    ¿viste muchos caballos/muchas vacas? — alguno que otro/alguna que otra
  • 2 (in phrases) as onethey rose as one
    se pusieron de pie todos a la vez or como un solo hombre
    for one
    por lo pronto
    who's going? — well, I am for one
    ¿quién va? — yo, por lo pronto
    in onea dress made all in one
    un vestido hecho de una sola pieza
    it's a TV and a video in one
    es televisión y vídeo a la vez or todo en uno
    he drank it down in one
    se lo bebió de un trago or de una vez
    one by one
    uno a uno
    uno por uno
    they gave themselves up one by one
    fueron entregándose uno a uno or uno por uno


, ,
  • 1 1.1 (stating number) there's only one window/bell
    solo hay una ventana/un timbre
    one hundred one thousand, three hundred and eighty-seven
    mil trescientos ochenta y siete
    one fifth of the population
    la quinta parte de la población
    1.2 (certain, particular) See examples: one boy was tall, the other short
    uno de los niños era alto, el otro era bajo
    one window looks out over the park
    una de las ventanas da al parque
    one thing still puzzles me
    hay algo or una cosa que sigo sin entender
  • 2 2.1 (single) See examples: she is the one person I trust
    es la única persona en quien confío
    it is too much for any one person
    es demasiado para una sola persona
    he is my one hope
    él es mi única esperanza
    we have only the one car [colloquial]
    tenemos un solo coche
    there is not one shred of evidence
    no existe ni la más mínima prueba
    the one and only Frank Sinatra
    el incomparable or inimitable Frank Sinatra
    my one and only coat is at the cleaners
    el único abrigo que tengo or mi único abrigo está en la tintorería
    2.2 (same) we drank out of the one glass/cup
    bebimos del mismo vaso/de la misma taza
    Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same
    Clark Kent y Superman son la misma persona
    they are one and the same thing
    son la misma cosa
  • 3 (unspecified) you must come over one day/evening
    tienes que venir un día/una noche
    he's always late for one reason or another
    por una cosa u otra, siempre llega tarde
    I'll get even with you one day
    algún día me las pagarás
  • 4 (with names) See examples: in the name of one John Smith/Sarah Brown
    a nombre de un tal John Smith/una tal Sarah Brown
  • 5 (unanimous) [formal] (predicative) we were one in our opinion that …
    éramos unánimes en la opinión de que …


  • 1 (thing) See examples: this one that one
    The Real Academia Española recommends the unaccented forms above in all cases
    which one?
    the one on the right/left
    el/la de la derecha/izquierda
    the ones on the table
    los/las que están en la mesa
    the blue ones
    los/las azules
    I want the big one
    quiero el/la grande
    it's my last one
    es el último/la última que me queda
    which scarf/coat is yours? — the blue one
    ¿cuál es tu bufanda/abrigo? — la/el azul
    one of the oldest cities in Europe
    una de las ciudades más antiguas de Europa
    every one of them was broken
    todos estaban rotos
    he's had one too many have you heard the one about … ?
    ¿has oído el chiste de … ?
    he ate all the apples one after another o the other
    se comió todas las manzanas, una detrás de otra
  • 2 (person) See examples: the one on the right's my cousin
    el/la de la derecha es mi primo/prima
    it could be any one of us
    podría ser cualquiera de nosotros
    the Evil One [literary]
    el Maligno [literary]
    the little ones
    los niños
    our loved ones
    nuestros seres queridos
    he's a sly one, that Jack Tibbs
    es un zorro ese Jack Tibbs
    I'm not one to gossip, but …
    no me gustan los chismes pero …
    she was never one to give up
    no era de las que se daban por vencidas
    he's a real one for the ladies
    tiene mucho éxito con las mujeres
    he's a great one for writing to the papers
    es muy dado a escribir a los periódicos
    oh, you are a one! (British English) [colloquial]
    ¡mira que eres! [colloquial]
    one after another o the other
    uno tras otro or detrás de otro


  • 1.1 (as subject) one should try to enjoy himself o (British English) oneself
    uno debería tratar de pasarlo bien
    habría que tratar de pasarlo bien
    one should do his o (British English) one's best to help
    uno debería or se debería hacer lo posible por ayudar
    one simply never knows
    realmente nunca se sabe or uno nunca sabe
    1.2 (as object)
    uno, (una)
    it does make one think
    le da que pensar a uno
    Example sentences
    • I still have a jersey from 1995 but it's not that white anymore and it was time to get a new one.
    • The men all had Irish accents and one was referred to Jon Jon.
    • She knew she had the face of a teenager, and always hated being referred to as one.
    Example sentences
    • It is in the context of such fears that choosing the sex of one's children must seem tempting.
    • What is one to make, for example, of the way he is said to have behaved?
    • Was this before, or after an encounter with Mr Knight, one is compelled to ask?

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