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Pronunciation: /ˈəʊpən/

Translation of open in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (not shut or sealed) [door/window] abierto; [bottle] empezado, abierto; [pores] abierto, dilatado; [wound] abierto, no cicatrizado the door was wide open la puerta estaba abierta de par en par I can hardly keep my eyes open apenas puedo mantener los ojos abiertos her mouth fell open with surprise se quedó boquiabierta or con la boca abierta with open arms con los brazos abiertos to cut/tear sth open abrir* algo cortándolo/rasgándolo he pushed the door open abrió la puerta de un empujón
    Example sentences
    • An airport screener smelled alcohol and found an open container of alcohol on the pilot.
    • The cleaners picked up an open packet of Jelly Babies from the theatre.
    • Always reseal open bags to prevent the mix drying out and store it in a cool, dark environment.
    Example sentences
    • They also contain rotting rubbish smells and stop the mess caused by cats ripping open bin liners.
    • Blood had splattered onto every wall; Williamson's throat had been slashed open.
    • Their stomachs are ripped out, their chests crushed, their throats ripped open.
    1.2 (not fastened) [shirt/jacket] abierto, desabrochado she wore the shirt open at the neck llevaba la camisa con el cuello abierto or desabrochado
    Example sentences
    • He was wearing a pinstriped suit and an open shirt, and he had a ponytail.
    • We met on his enormous yacht, and he wore a captain's cap and an open shirt with epaulets.
    • His shirt is open showing his slightly muscular build.
    1.3 (not folded) [flower/newspaper/book] abierto; [map] abierto, desplegado
    Example sentences
    • Veronica are open, airy flowers which are ideal for arrangements, bringing both shape and a sense of relaxed style.
    • It looks a bit like an open lotus flower, red and green with edible silver on the outside.
    • If there was not an open flower under that leaf, the flies rapidly walked down the stem and up another stem, instead of flying.
    Example sentences
    • Her biology book was open in her lap and she was staring at me with an annoyed expression on her face.
    • She sat at her desk with her open physics book but could not make sense of a word she was reading.
    • She laid the open atlas down on the table and began to dig through kitchen drawers.
    1.4 [circuit] abierto
    Example sentences
    • No or low output voltage means the transformer winding has open or shorted winding.
    • This is an example of an open circuit, a gap in the loop preventing charge carriers from moving, thus preventing current.
    • In an open circuit, the free charges would simply remain on the electrodes and a voltage could be measured.
  • 2 2.1 (not enclosed) [country/fields/spaces] abierto it's open country all around here aquí estamos en pleno campo or en campo abierto we traveled across open country viajamos a campo traviesa or por campo abierto open views across the countryside una vista panorámica de la campiña on the open seas en alta mar, en mar abierto open staircase escalera (feminine) ([ sin barandilla ]) 2.2 (not blocked) [tube/pathway] abierto the road is now open to traffic once more la carretera vuelve a estar abierta al tráfico the way is open to democracy se han abierto las puertas a la democracia the road to freedom lay open before us el camino de la libertad se abría ante nosotros
    Example sentences
    • The sun is up and it's warm enough to have the windows wide open, and you can watch the world waking up.
    • Elsewhere, a cheerful member of staff is sitting at a desk which completely blocks an open doorway.
    • As he proceeds to end it all, the young man hears a haunting Mozart melody emanating from an open window.
    2.3 [cheque] (British English/inglés británico) no cruzado, al portador, a la orden
    Example sentences
    • Moreover, the holder may decide to add a crossing to an open cheque, which is then treated as being crossed.
    • It is an open cheque because the Government has no idea what the cost of these new rights and privileges will be.
    • Some banks charged a certain amount of money when one cashed an open cheque with them.
    Example sentences
    • There is a clause in the planning law against building development on open land.
    • In the heart of Lanarkshire, just nine miles from the centre of Glasgow, lies a vast expanse of open land.
    • The diversity of its landscape is unique, and includes woodland, open heathland and coastal land.
  • 3 3.1 (not covered) [carriage] abierto, descubierto; [sewer] a cielo abierto, descubierto an open fire una chimenea, un hogar 3.2 (exposed, vulnerable) open to sth [to elements/enemy attack] expuesto a algo to lay o leave oneself open to sth exponerse* a algo you're laying yourself open to blackmail te estás exponiendo a que te chantajeen we're leaving ourselves wide open to attack/criticism estamos exponiéndonos a que nos ataquen/critiquen this is open to misunderstanding/abuse esto se presta a malentendidos/a que se cometan abusos he missed an open goal falló con el arco desprotegido or (Spain/España) a puerta vacía
    Example sentences
    • How can it be made easier to do business here, without leaving the system open to even more abuse?
    • As many people could not read or write, the system was open to abuse and corruption.
    • Senior electoral officers in the city admit the system could be open to abuse.
    Example sentences
    • Recent national events helped turn the simmering discord into open conflict.
    • Many people fear the longer the issue remains unresolved, the greater the possibility of open conflict.
    • The issue has led to an open conflict with the leader of the Socialist Party.
    Example sentences
    • Instead, the food is cooked over open fires, causing serious deforestation.
    • This rustic farmhouse offers beef or lamb, roasted on an open log fire.
    • At the moment, heating comes from open fires or stoves in each room.
  • 4 (predicative/predicativo) 4.1 (ready for business) to be open estar* abierto is it open on Sundays? ¿está abierto los domingos? 4.2 (officially) to be open estar* abierto the new section is open for traffic el nuevo tramo está abierto al tráfico I declare the exhibition open queda inaugurada la exposición
  • 5 (unrestricted) [membership/enrolment] abierto al público en general; [meeting/session] a puertas abiertas, abierto al público; [ticket/reservation] abierto; [order] válido hasta su revocación; [trial] público; [government/society] abierto open admission entrada (feminine) libre to buy/sell securities in the open market comprar/vender valores en el mercado libre or abierto open scholarship beca (feminine) abierta to sell sth open stock (American English/inglés norteamericano) vender algo por piezas or por unidad let's throw the topic open for debate abramos el debate sobre el temato be open to sb/sth the competition is open to everybody cualquiera puede presentarse al certamen the park is open to the public el parque está abierto al público all these documents are open to inspection el público tiene acceso a todos estos documentos it's all open and aboveboard no hay ningún tapujo
    Example sentences
    • The vision is to make the centre an active hub, open full time to everyone who requires its resources.
    • The long term solution to ending tyranny around the world is free and open trade.
    • It may well be the case that free open competition is best for us all in the long term irrespective of creed or colour.
    Example sentences
    • This was far from the freedom of speech and open democratic discussion I'd imagined.
    • Are there any thoughts on the need for a free and open media?
    • Free and open debate on the Senate floor ensures citizens have a say in their government.
  • 6 6.1 (available) (predicative/predicativo) is the job still open? ¿el puesto continúa vacante? several options are open to us tenemos or se nos presentan varias opciones or alternativas only two options remain open to us solo nos quedan dos opciones or alternativas it is open to them to refuse the offer ellos son libres de rechazar la oferta 6.2 (not decided) abierto, amplio that's still an open question eso aún está por decidirse it's an open question whether she would have done it queda la incógnita de si lo habría hecho let's leave things open for the time being no descartemos ninguna posibilidad de momento let's leave the date open no concretemos la fecha todavía the result is still wide open podría pasar cualquier cosa
    Example sentences
    • It was always just an open ticket, entitling you to travel certain routes.
    • The business saver ticket will remain a competitive option, which offered many advantages on a standard open ticket.
    • I had an open ticket to return to Thailand.
  • 7 7.1 (receptive) abierto to be open to sth estar* abierto a algo I'm always open to suggestions siempre estoy abierto a todo tipo de sugerencias, siempre estoy dispuesto a recibir sugerencias they were open to bribes/persuasion se los podía sobornar/convencer to have an open mind tener* una actitud abierta I'm keeping an open mind about it/him/her no quiero prejuzgar/prejuzgarlo/prejuzgarla 7.2 (frank, candid) abierto, sincero, franco she has a very open nature es muy abierta to be open with sb ser* sincero or franco con algn I'll be open with you te voy a ser sincero or franco, voy a ser sincero or franco contigo
    Example sentences
    • I found them to be open and frank about some of the challenges that still lie ahead and I think it this is important.
    • Throughout the interview John is frank and open - except when it comes to money.
    • He was frank, open and polite.
    Example sentences
    • Be patient with the people who matter most, and listen to their ideas with an open mind.
    • Wander the streets and markets alone, with an open mind, friendly face and polite gestures.
    • Those who have learnt to approach art with an open mind know that it's rewarding.
  • 8 (not concealed) [resentment/hostility/resistance] abierto, manifiesto they were in open revolt estaban en franca rebeldía
    Example sentences
    • We can see his influence in the works of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Matisse, who was open in his admiration.
    • He watched in open admiration as she downed the whole lot in several large gulps.
    • Visiting divers will look at you with open admiration when you ask them which part of the wreck they would like to dive on.
  • 9 9.1 (widely spaced) [ranks/columns] abierto open compound[ sustantivo compuesto formado por dos palabras separadas ] 9.2 (of fabric) [weave] abierto
    Example sentences
    • It's usually done with a tack cloth which is an open weave fabric treated with a wax.
    • Look for a natural fabric with a loose, open weave such as burlap or some types of cotton and linen.
    • It is a poly cotton blend with an open knit.
    Example sentences
    • Drew was delighted with, not only his first ever cross win, but his first ever open race win, too.
    • On the open racing scene, the club organised a number of successful races throughout the year.
    • She is so reliable and it is feasible to expect her to make her presence felt in open races such as the King George and Arc.
  • 10 [vowel] abierto, libre
    Example sentences
    • A closing diphthong ends closer than it begins, while an opening diphthong ends more open than it begins.
    • Then comes the balm of the refrain-couplet with the open vowel sounds in ‘Golden lads, and Gz'rles all.’
    • Cockneys have short and open vowels, whereas the Cornish have longer vowels and speak fairly slowly.
  • 11 (activated, live) [switch] encendido; [line/channel] abierto, conectado
    Example sentences
    • Other card issuers ask you to provide this information online or by telephone after your account is open.
    • Many expats want to keep their UK bank accounts open while they are abroad.
    • The Co-op was able to check back to 1981, and found nothing to show the account was open then.
    Example sentences
    • Callers key in a security code and confirm their details, and the line is open round-the-clock.
    • Lines are open from midnight tonight and will close on Thursday, September 2 at noon.
    • Lines are open from 7.30 am to midnight and calls are charged at national rate.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 [door/box/drawer/parcel] abrir*; [bottle] abrir*, destapar; [mouth/eyes] abrir*; [legs] abrir*, separar; [vein/artery] abrir*; [pores] abrir*, dilatar to open ranks abrir* filas I have to open the store this morning hoy tengo que abrir yo la tienda it won't keep once it's been opened una vez abierto, no se puede conservar mucho tiempo 1.2 (unfold) [newspaper/book] abrir*; [map] abrir*, desplegar* open your book at page 10 abre el libro en or (Spain/España) por la página 10
  • 2 2.1 (clear, remove obstructions from) [road/channel] abrir* this opens the way for further negotiations esto abre las puertas or deja la vía libre a nuevas negociaciones to open one's bowels hacer* de vientre, mover* el intestino [formal] 2.2 (make accessible, available) abrir* to open sth to sb/sth abrir* algo a algn/algo they have opened the house to the public han abierto la casa al público I should like to open the meeting to our colleagues from France quisiera dar la palabra a nuestros colegas franceses 2.3 (reveal) abrir* my trip opened new horizons to me el viaje me abrió nuevos horizontes
  • 4 (begin) [debate] abrir*, iniciar; [meeting] abrir*, dar* comienzo a; [bidding] iniciar; [negotiations/talks] entablar to open the case for the prosecution hacer* la primera presentación por parte de la acusación to open the scoring inaugurar el marcador to open fire on sb/sth abrir* fuego contra algn/algo
  • 5 (make receptive) to open sth to sth abrir* algo a algo to open one's heart to God abrirle* el corazón a Dios you must open your mind to new ideas debes abrirte a nuevas ideas

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 [wound] abrirse*; [door/window] abrirse* all of a sudden the door opened and … de pronto se abrió la puerta y … the door won't open la puerta no se abre, no puedo ( or podemos etc) abrir la puerta the window opens outward la ventana (se) abre hacia afuera her mouth opened wide with surprise se quedó boquiabierta open wide! abra bien la boca, abra bien grande suddenly his eyes opened de repente abrió los ojos the heavens o skies opened empezó a diluviar 1.2 (unfold) [map/bud/flower] abrirse*; [parachute] abrirse* 1.3 (be revealed) extenderse* the plains opened before us la llanura se extendió ante nuestra vista
  • 2 (give access) to open onto/into sth dar* a algo the windows open onto the garden las ventanas dan al jardín the door opened into a corridor la puerta daba a un pasillo
  • 3 (for business) [shop/museum] abrir* what time does the library open? ¿a qué hora abre la biblioteca?
  • 4 (begin) [play/book] comenzar*, empezar* she opened with a high card [Games/Juegos] abrió (el juego) con una carta alta her new movie opens in London next week su nueva película se estrena en Londres la semana próxima the concert opened with the national anthem el concierto comenzó or se inició con el himno nacional


  • 1in the open (in the open air) al aire libre we spent the night in the open pasamos la noche al aire libre or a la intemperie or al raso I feel better now it's all out in the open me siento mejor ahora que todo el mundo lo sabe to bring sth (out) into the open hacer* público algo, sacar* algo a la luz they were forced to come out into the open with their allegations se vieron obligados a hacer públicas sus acusaciones

Phrasal verbs

open out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio 1.1 (become wider) [river/valley/road] ensancharse 1.2 (unfold) abrirse* it opens out like this se abre así the center pages open out into a poster las páginas centrales forman un póster al abrirse 1.3 (blossom, develop) [flower/bud] abrirse*; [person] volverse* más abierto 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento [map/newspaper] abrir*, desplegar*

open up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento 1.1 (undo, unlock) [package/suitcase/premises] abrir*; [vein/wound] abrir* 1.2 (cut, create) [channel/breach] abrir* 1.3 (make accessible, available) [territory/market/possibilities] abrir* to open sth up to sb/sth abrir* algo a algn/algo China has opened itself up to foreigners la China se ha abierto a los extranjeros 1.4 (reveal) [new horizons] abrir* 1.5 (set up) [shop/store] abrir*, poner* 1.1verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio 2.1 (open building) abrir* open up! police! ¡abran! ¡policía! 2.2 (become open) abrirse* 2.3 (become accessible, available) to open up (to sb/sth) abrirse* (a algn/algo) to open up to new ideas abrirse* a nuevas ideas new prospects for peace have opened up before us nuevas perspectivas de paz se han abierto ante nosotros 2.4 (talk freely) [colloquial/familiar] he opened up to her le abrió su pecho [literary/literario] he found it difficult to open up to his father le costaba ser abierto or franco con su padre after a few drinks she began to open up tras unas cuantas copas empezó a entrar en confianza 2.5 (liven up) [Sport/Deporte] animarse, ponerse* bueno 2.6 (start up) [business/factory/store] abrir* 2.7 (open fire) [Military/Militar] abrir* fuego

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